Interdisciplinary research

BIFoR aims to provide fundamental science, social science and cultural research of direct relevance to forested landscapes anywhere in the world. We make the evidence-based case for forests as part of one-planet living. 

Our research news page shares some of our interdisciplinary research and a full list of papers is available here. Our interdisciplinary research team is expanding very quickly with thanks to the Leverhulme funded Forest Edge Doctoral Scholarship Programme

BIFoR Interdisciplinary Leadership Fellows are pro-active and ambitious staff keen to develop part of the BIFoR research agenda. They have become indispensable ambassadors for the Institute inside the university and out across the world.

Our interdisciplinary Fellows:

If you work for the University of Birmingham and you’d be interested to become more involved. Please contact Deanne Brettle, or 0121 416146.  If you believe your research should be linked to the Institute please do get in touch.  

Our key interdisciplinarity partner and facilitator is the Institute of Advanced Studies. The Institute of Advanced Studies supported BIFoR in 2015 to host three Distinguished Visiting Fellows.  These visits were without doubt a huge success and the visiting fellows are still regularly in touch. If you are interested in joining BIFoR under the Distinguished Visiting Fellows scheme please do get in touch.