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Forested landscape research publications 



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     Climate - BIFoR FACE  

Baird, A. B., Bannister, E. J., MacKenzie, A. R., & Pope, F. D. (2021). Mass concentrations of autumn bioaerosol in a mature temperate woodland Free Air Carbon Dioxide Enrichment (FACE) experiment: investigating the role of meteorology and carbon dioxide levels. Biogeosciences Discuss.  1-25. https//doi:10.5194/bg-2021-162  Preprint   

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Health Papers

Crozier, L., Marshall, J., Holmes, A., Wright, K. M., Rossez, Y., Merget, B. Jackson R.W. , . . . Holden, N. J. (2021). The role of l-arabinose metabolism for Escherichia coli O157:H7 in edible plants. Microbiology, 167(7). doi:  

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