Previous events



8th December - Romans, Egyptians, and the Second Arab Siege of Constantinople (717/8)

1st December - Leisure, Luxury, Austerity, and Citizenship in Archaic and Classical Sparta

24th November - Keleusate: Ceremony and Architecture in the Great Palace of Constantinople

17th November - Sinuhe, Sex and Snow: What Egyptology does with Poems

10th November - Roundtable discussion on Landscape, Nature and Environment

10th November - 'Into The Labyrinth: a Journey into Stoudite ''Cancel Culture''

27th October - Editorial Power: Galen and his Manipulated Canon

20th October - Rethinking the Black Death: Can the Ottoman Plague Experience Offer Us Novel Insights?

20th October - Looking for the Poor in Byzantium

13th October - Seeing Incarceration in Antiquity: Two Case Studies

6th October - Greek Manuscripts in Birmingham: A New Catalogue

29th September - Sharing Reads and References

29th-30th May - 21st annual postgraduate colloquium of the Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies

20th May - Questioning the accuracy of the Origo Constantini imperatoris

6th May - Encountering Ottomans and Mamluks in Late 15th-century Italian Painting

4th May - BRIHC seminar (title tbc)

27th April - Archipelago Capitalism

22nd April - Byzantium and its islands

20th April - Gendered Belongings. Partition Refugees in Nehruvian India

27th-29th March - Nature and the Environment - The 53rd Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies

23rd March - Re-thinking Archives and Archivality in the Medieval Islamicate

18th March - New voices

16th March - Population Control in Ghana's Twentieth Century

11th March - Breadstamps: Imprinting the Sacred

2nd March - The Scientific Life in Colonial South Asia

23rd February - National Trajectories and European Horizons: British and West German Conservatism after 1945

16th February - Myth, Reality, and the Origins of New England

9th February - Hidden History. Birmingham's BAME Medical Practitioners, c.1900-1970

4th February - Between text and image, between writing and orality

28th January - The Great Church which is called Sophia


8th December - Migration and Mobility within the Ancient Mediterranean World. Question of Scale and Structure

3rd December - Sultanic Saviors and Tolerant Turks

1st December - Gender Trouble in British Interwar Student Life

24th November - Navigating Naval Medicine: Ships' Doctors and the Boundaries of Medical Power in the Royal Navy during the Second World War

19th November - The Palaiologan Inscriptions of Venetian Crete: interpretative contradictions.

17th November - Regulating Vagabonds: Religious Violence and the Governance of Public Order in Late Colonial India

12th November - BRIHC Research in Practice: Dr Kate Skinner

10th November - Q and A with Steven Pincus: The Global Origins of the Seven Years War (Lecture now available on Canvas)

29th October - String theory: order and disruption in Byzantine interlace

27th October - Building God's empire: archaeology, religion and the Byzantine reconquest of Africa

27th October - Building God's empire: Archaeology, Religion and the Byzantine Reconquest of Africa

20th October - Dror Wahrman - The Prince, the Jeweler and the Mogul: The Paradoxes of an Early Modern Object

20th October - Dancing in the streets of Constantinople

17th October - Undergraduate Open Day

14th October - Back through Byzantium: textual transmission, global history and the journey of a travel account

13th October - Health and race. roundtable discussion

8th October - Quarantine Tales

12th September - Undergraduate Open Day

12th July-8th August - Cancelled: The Classical and Byzantine Greek Summer School

25th June - Undergraduate Open Day

24th June - Undergraduate Open Day

26th March - Cancelled: Questioning the accuracy of the Origo Constantini imperatoris

16th March - From Rejection to Reconciliation — Coming to Terms with the Image in Protestant England 1560-1640

12th March - Seminar cancelled

11th March - Postgraduate Open Day

10th March - The Rise of Historical Monuments as Symbols of the State and the Destruction of Architectural Heritage in Late 19th Century Romania

5th March - Title to be confirmed

25th February - The Twelfth-century Chronicle of John Zonaras: A "hybrid" composition

13th February - 'Augustine's women'

11th February - Thomas Greene in Context: Middling Narratives of Self and Place 1600-1640

6th February - Living heritage in Greece: perceptions of traditional settlements

4th February - Slavery in the West African Sahel — A Resilient Institution'

1st February - BMCA Teachers' Day

30th January - Female agency in Mystras: fashion indices in late Byzantine art

23rd January - The Colonialism of Neoliberal Gentrification

23rd January - The view from the edge: Byzantium and post-Roman Hispania

16th January - Approaching the 'Macedonian Dynasty': family and gender

14th January - Postcolonial Commemorative Practices Surrounding Monument aux Morts — The Afterlives of Indo-French Colonial Connections around Puducherry's French War Memorial (rescheduled)


10th December - Beyond the Marxist and "culturalist" divide. Ideology and democracy in classical Athens

5th December - New Approaches to Medieval Romance from the Eastern Mediterranean and Beyond, c. 1100-1500

5th December - Approaches to the Byzantine novel

4th December - Building God's empire: archaeology, religion and the Byzantine reconquest of Africa

26th November - A Train Station on the Left. The Making of a Socialist Public Sphere in Romania (1882-1914)

21st November - Morale and discipline in the Ottoman army,.c.1450-c.1600

19th November - Independence as Rupture, Continuity or Transition? Gendering Citizenship and Decolonising Justice in 1960s Ghana

14th November - The Crisis of Kingship in Late Medieval Islam: Persian Emigres and the Making of Ottoman Sovereignty

14th November - Byzantium and Africa: a new frontier

12th November - Comparing Peripheries. Galicia and Carinthia in Medieval Time

31st October - Byzantium: commonwealth, empire or nation-state?

29th October - Religious Coexistence in the Eastern Mediterranean World. From the Perspective of Cyprus under the Latins

24th October - Bridging the Gap: processions in early medieval Constantinople

17th October - English chaplains and the Greek Church in 18th-century Aleppo

10th October - Islamisation and Sufism in Mongol Anatolia and beyond

21st March - Flavius Josephus in medieval Greek and Latin Histories: some cross-cultural approaches

14th March - Francis Bacon in Ancient Greek. Nikolaos Mavrokordatos (1680-1730) and cultural mobility

7th March - Consular networks, shipping routes, and the Ottoman world in the late 19th century

28th February - Greek Adoptees Anonymous: adoption, memory and Cold War Greece

14th February - 'Remnants of Byzantium': the uses of the past by the expatriated Greeks of Turkey

7th February - Kantakouzenos' daemon: providence and persuasion in late Byzantine historiography

31st January - Unlikely migrants: slavery, emancipation, and race in the Reform-Era Ottoman Mediterranean

24th January - Interpreting the Constantinopolitan landscape: A Rus traveller in Byzantium

17th January-17th February - Environment, economy and landscape in early modern Cyprus


  • 13th December - Reconfiguring the template: representations of powerful women in historical fiction -- the case of Anna Komnene
  • 6th December - Ottoman dreams of destiny and omens of greatness
  • 29th November - Sultans as saviors: early modern Mediterranean Jewish accounts of the Ottoman rulers
  • 22nd November - The church of St John the Theologian and the End of Antiquity in Constantinople
  • 15th November - Current archaeological research on settlement and provincial life in the Byzantine Mediterranean: the case of the Peloponnese
  • 1st November - Byzantine influence in Winchester Cathedral?
  • 25th October - Equines and the margins of Byzantine power: humility or humiliation?
  • 18th October - Invention and reality in Byzantine historical narratives: the impact of Polyaenus and military manuals on the Alexiad of Anna Komnene
  • 11th October - Travellers' Tales
  • 2nd June - 19th Postgraduate Colloquium of the Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies
  • 29th May - Empire of the Greeks' to 'Byzantium': the politics of a modern paradigm-shift
  • 25th-26th May - Medieval Dynasties
  • 4th May - Exploring crises in the modern Greek World cultural narratives, identity politics social life
  • 22nd March - Greek cinema as European cinema: co-productions, film festivals and the Weird Wave
  • 17th March - Delos Network: Workshop 1 - Delos Ideals
  • 8th March - Justinian II, the image of Christ and taxation
  • 22nd February - Between Mosul and Rome: the Church of the East in the seventeenth century
  • 8th February - Scale-making projects: Byzantium and the Christian communities of Khazaria
  • 1st February - The Ottoman canon of historical writing and writing the history of Kanun in the sixteenth century
  • 25th January - Villehardouin's castle of Grand Magne (Megali Maini): a re-assessment of the evidence for its location
  • 18th January - Who's who in sixteenth-century Ottoman Istanbul
  • 11th January - Scale-making projects: Byzantium and the Christian communities of Khazaria


  • 30th November - Turkey and liberal democracy? Authoritarian drift since 2007
  • 23rd November - 'This land is your land'
  • 16th November - The Cypriot Canzoniere and Italian Renaissance music
  • 9th November - 'Glorified from heaven above'
  • 26th October - History, time, and economic crisis in Central Greece
  • 19th October - Old statues, new meanings. Literary and archaeological evidence for Christian re-interpretation of classical statuary
  • 12th October - Reading the Acts of the Sixth Ecumenical Council (680-1)
  • 5th October - Travellers' Tales
  • 3rd June - Multiculturalism from Late Antiquity to Modernity: CBOMGS Colloquium
  • 25th-27th March - Global Byzantium
  • 23rd March - Out on a limb? Forest and field in Byzantine Apulia, 7th–11th centuries
  • 16th March - The new Ottoman Greece: Replacing the Turkish Yoke with pluralistic coexistence in history and fiction
  • 9th March - Heirloom manuscripts? The Romeika manuscripts in Arabic script of the Turco-Yanniotes and Turco-Cretans
  • 2nd March - History, time, and economic crisis in Central Greece | Cancelled
  • 24th-25th February - Reconsidering the Concept of Decline and the Arts of the Palaiologan Era
  • 23rd February - Old statues, new meanings. Literary and archaeological evidence for Christian re-interpretation of classical statuary
  • 9th February - Greek women diarists and memoirists: twentieth century female voices in a masculine world
  • 2nd February - Lead seals in the excavations of Byzantine Corinth (1896–2014): confronting inscribed artefacts with history
  • 26th January - How to spend it? Wealth, charity and remembrance in the late Byzantine period
  • 19th January - From Antiquity to Byzantium in late medieval Italy: Hercules on the facade of San Marco
  • 12th January - Mary and the Magnificat: the earliest monumental example?


  • 8th December - Seljuk palace culture and Byzantium
  • 1st December - Byzantine medicine reconsidered: the case of John Zacharias Aktouarios (ca. 1275– ca. 1330)
  • 24th November - Managing living Byzantine Heritage sites: reality - international developments
  • 17th November - Art, politics and eschatology in the burial chapels of lay monastic founders in Byzantium, 11th–14th centuries
  • 13th October - How Norman and how Byzantine is the Martorana in Palermo? S. Maria dell'Ammiraglio in Palermo reconsidered
  • 6th October - Travellers' Tales
  • 4th June - Redefining the Margins: Seeing the Unseen in the Eastern Mediterranean
  • 13th May - Book Launch: The Last Varlamis by Thanasis Valtinos
  • 3rd March - From Mudros To Lausanne: British Policy In The Near East, Greece And Turkey, 1918-23
  • 4th February - The Human Rights Record Of The Greek "Colonels" (1967-74), The Anti-Torture Campaign, And The Rise Of Global Standards
  • 28th January - Engonopoulos And Pindar: The Poetics And Politics Of Praise
  • 2015
  • 10th December - Performability, Laments And The Christos Paschon
  • 3rd December - Constantinople, Cairo Or Alexandria? Latin Merchants And Papal Trade Exemptions In The Late Medieval Mediterranean
  • 26th November - Persons, Practices And Things In Circulation Between Byzantium And The British Isles In The Viking Age
  • 19th November - 'What's In A Name?' Sculptors And Workshops In Eleventh-Century Greece
  • 12th November - Lessons From A New History Of Byzantium, 955-1097 AD
  • 29th October - On The Spot: The Appanage In Palaiologan Politics
  • 22nd October - Nicholas Mesarites: A Man For All Seasons
  • 15th October - Women Of The Komnenian House Under Manuel I, As Seen In The Poems Of Mangeneios Prodromos
  • 26th July-23rd August - Byzantine Greek Summer School 2015
  • 30th May - CBOMGS 16th Annual Postgraduate Colloquium
  • 23rd May - Greece in Crisis: Culture and the Politics of Austerity
  • 26th March - The Photian schism (858-880): towards a cultural history
  • 12th March - The Saga of ancient statues in medieval Constantinople
  • 26th February - From Theophanes to Psellos: transformations of Byzantine historiography
  • 5th February - Refashioning a maritime past in the Eastern Mediterranean
  • 29th January - Friends, colleagues and grand vezirs: the Ottoman art of letter-writing
  • 22nd January - Byron's Greece 1809-1824
  • 15th January - The Christianization of Crete and the Peloponnese in the Late Antique period


  • 11th December - Crisis and famine in island Greece: sovereign debt, political violence and topologies of memory in Chios
  • 4th December - Mother vs maiden: Helena, Pulcheria and the formulation of imperial dynasty in late antiquity
  • 27th November - Byzantine adolescence: real or imaginary?
  • 20th November - Abul Abbas and all that: the caliphate and the West in the Age of Bede and Charlemagne
  • 13th November - Making it last: the construction and repair of a seventh-century ship from Constantinople's Theodosian harbour
  • 9th October - Traveller's Tales
  • 20th September - Greece: From Junta to Crisis
  • 12th June - 2014 Graduate Research Colloquium in Modern Greek Studies
  • 24th May - CBOMGS 15th Annual Postgraduate Colloquium
  • 27th March - Why was there no Renaissance in Byzantine art?
  • 20th March - Material culture and history: Byzantine and Ottoman Torone
  • 13th March - Byzantine Greece: microcosm of empire? Retrospect and prospect
  • 6th March - A Byzantine library: the Athonite Lavra in the thirteenth century
  • 6th February - Delphic festivals, mythologies and genealogies
  • 23rd January - The Trier Ivory, the Icon of Christ on the Chalke Gate, empress Irene's triumph over Iconoclasm and the church of St Euphemia at the Hippodrome


  • 12th December - Literature and culture in late Byzantine Thessalonica
  • 5th December - Cavafy and the not-so-Naughty Nineties
  • 21st November - A grudging rescue: the French evacuation and the exodus of Armenians from Cilicia, 1921
  • 31st October - Sir Steven Runciman and "the nicest Greek" he knew: the chronicle of his friendship with George Seferis
  • 24th October - Homeric commentaries and paraphrases: Eustathius of Thessalonica in search of Demosthenes Thrax
  • 10th October - Traveller's Tales
  • 3rd October - VENICE OF THE GREEKS: The History of Hellenism in the City of Saint Mark
  • 28th July-25th August - Byzantine Summer School 2013
  • 25th May - CBOMGS Postgraduate Colloquium 2013
  • 23rd-25th March - Byzantine Greece: Microcosm of Empire?


  • 26th May - Annual CBOMGS Postgraduate Colloquium
  • 15th March - Nevila Molla
  • 1st March - Stella Rock
  • 9th February - Guillaume Saint-Guillain
  • 26th January - Spyros Economides
  • 12th January -  E. Georganteli, A. Miynat, M. Saxby, M. Vrij


  • 23rd-25th September - Imperial Legacies in the Mediterranean World - International Conference
  • 27th-28th June - Re-imagining the past: antiquity and Modern Greek culture
  • 27th-29th March - Byzantium Behind the Scenes: Power and Subversion