Tulay Yesiltas

Tulay Yesiltas

Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies
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  • MRes History of Art, Late Antique and Byzantine Art, Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Turkey 
  • BA History of Art, Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Turkey


I studied Art History for my undergraduate and my Master’s Degrees. My studies covered a broad range of art, from primitive to contemporary, and its interpretation.  Within my doctoral research I adopt an interdisciplinary approach combining  art, architecture and archaeology in order to understand the interaction between Eastern and Western Arts. After completing my undergraduate degree, during which time I wrote my thesis on the architecture and decoration of the Theotokos Kyriotissa Church, a converted mosque formerly called Kalanderhane Camii in Istanbul, I decided to focus on architectural sculpture. I subsequently completed my master’s degree where I examined the architectural and featured stone pieces from Early Christian and Byzantine Period in the collections of the Yalvaç Museum, which is located nearby Pisidian Antioch.

Doctoral research

PhD title
White Wares: An Art Historical and Archaeological Approach to Medieval Ceramics
Dr Archie Dunn
Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies PhD/MA by Research (On-Campus or by Distance Learning)


My research aims to deepen our knowledge of medieval glazed ceramics by focusing on White Wares, a ceramic form made in a whitish kaolin fabric and covered by a lead glaze, used for various purposes as utilitarian and luxury products.   Since White Wares were found in large numbers in the excavations of Istanbul in first half of the 20 century, at the Saraçhane, the Great Palace, Kalanderhane and others, the city was considered as their only centre of production. However, White Wares have also been found in large numbers in outside of the capital at Corinth, at Mesembria on the Black Sea and also Chersonesos in the Crimea. My research brings together all types of unglazed and glazed White Wares and Polychrome Ceramics and aims to offer a comprehensive study of their categorisation, ornament and petrography.

Funding: Higher Education Scholarship of the Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Turkey