Publications and outputs

Conference Papers 

Professor Judith Smith. Primary care networks in the English NHS: (another) triumph of hope over experience. HSR UK 2020 Conference.

Dr Manbinder Sidhu. Acute hospitals managing general practice services in the UK: why, how and what are the consequences for primary care delivery? HSR UK 2020 Conference.

Dr Holly Walton. Rapid prioritisation of adult social care innovations for evaluation: Reflections and considerations. HSR UK 2020 Conference.

Amelia Harshfield, Natasha Elmore, Jon Sussex. The evaluation of large-scale collaborations between primary care general practices. PROSPERO 2018 CRD42018110790 

Conference Slide Sets

Prof Katherine Checkland, Dr Paul Mills and Dr Manni Sidhu for BRACE presented at The Rapid Evaluation in Healthcare Conference in January 2020  on Governance processes for rapid evaluation principles, problems and preferences and discussed how governance processes may impact upon the rapidity of an evaluation and how it can be overcome.

Chris Sherlaw Johnson, Dr Jean Ledger and Amelia Harshfield for BRACE presented at The Rapid Evaluation in Healthcare Conference in January 2020 on Evaluations of national programmes using mixed methods and spoke about their experiences of completing evaluations of national programmes using mixed methods.

Professor Judith Smith presented at the Advancing Rapid Evaluation Challenges and Opportunities Conference hosted by the RSET and BRACE Rapid Evaluation Teams in London in January 2019 on Rapid Evaluation in Healthcare: opportunities, need and challenges.  Judith outlined definitions and context of rapid evaluation and explored some of the challenges entailed in being both rapid and rigorous in undertaking such work.

Blogs and Comment Pieces

Blog by Manni Sidhu: Sidhu MS (2019) : "The trade-off between rigour and real-world evidence needs" BRACE Rapid Evaluation Centre comment.

Comment by Judith Smith and Amelia Harshfield : HSJ 10 September 2019 : "Primary Care Networks: A marathon not a sprint"


Holly Walton and Amelia Harshfield for BRACE: Innovations in Adult Social Care and Social Work Report, November 2019