Publications and outputs

Published reports

Interim published report Early evaluation of the Children and Young People's Mental Health Trailblazer programme Jo Ellins, Kelly Singh, Mustafa Al-Haboubi, Jenny Newbould, Lucy Hocking, Jenny Bousfield, Gemma McKenna, Sarah-Jane Fenton, Nicholas Mays, July 2021

National Institute for Health Research, Health Services and Delivery Research stream (NIHR HS&DR) published report Vertical integration of GP practices with acute hospitals in England and Wales: rapid evaluation Dr Manbinder Sidhu, Jack Pollard, Jon Sussex 1 December 2020

National Institute for Health Research, Health Services and Delivery Research stream (NIHR HS&DR) published report Early evidence of the development of primary care networks in England Professor Judith Smith, Sarah Parkinson, Dr Manni Sidhu

Conference Papers 

Professor Judith Smith. Primary care networks in the English NHS: (another) triumph of hope over experience. HSR UK 2020 Conference.

Dr Manbinder Sidhu. Acute hospitals managing general practice services in the UK: why, how and what are the consequences for primary care delivery? HSR UK 2020 Conference.

Dr Holly Walton. Rapid prioritisation of adult social care innovations for evaluation: Reflections and considerations. HSR UK 2020 Conference.

Amelia Harshfield, Natasha Elmore, Jon Sussex. The evaluation of large-scale collaborations between primary care general practices. PROSPERO 2018 CRD42018110790 

Slide Sets and Recordings

The fourth annual 'Rapid Evaluation in Health Care' conference in January 2022 was organised by the Nuffield Trust and the Health Foundation in collaboration with the BRACE and RSET and brought together representatives from the rapid evaluation community, including analysts, service users and commissioners. Sessions across the two days focused on the role of rapid evaluation in supporting NHS recovery post-Covid 19 and in making progress towards environmental sustainability and meeting climate change goals. A plenary session ‘Working together: the rapid evaluation of Covid oximetry at home’ discussed experiences of collaborative working on the RSET/BRACE evaluation of Covid Oximetry @home. Recordings of the sessions are available to view.

A slide set of findings from three independent evaluations of the NHS COVID Oximetry @home programme completed by RSET and BRACE, the Improvement Analytics Unit (Health Foundation), and Imperial College London, November 2021

Early insights from the national evaluation of the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Trailblazer Programme were presented at the HSR UK Conference, July 2021

The third annual virtual ‘Rapid Evaluation in Health Care’ conference in January 2021: The conference explored what good practice in a rapid, rigorous evaluation looks like, and this year how the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the evaluation landscape. Recordings of the sessions delivered as part of the conference are available to view along with other useful resources.

Prof Katherine Checkland, Dr Paul Mills and Dr Manni Sidhu for BRACE presented at The Rapid Evaluation in Healthcare Conference in January 2020  on Governance processes for rapid evaluation principles, problems and preferences and discussed how governance processes may impact upon the rapidity of an evaluation and how it can be overcome.

Chris Sherlaw Johnson, Dr Jean Ledger and Amelia Harshfield for BRACE presented at The Rapid Evaluation in Healthcare Conference in January 2020 on Evaluations of national programmes using mixed methods and spoke about their experiences of completing evaluations of national programmes using mixed methods.

Professor Judith Smith presented at the Advancing Rapid Evaluation Challenges and Opportunities Conference hosted by the RSET and BRACE Rapid Evaluation Teams in London in January 2019 on Rapid Evaluation in Healthcare: opportunities, need and challenges.  Judith outlined definitions and context of rapid evaluation and explored some of the challenges entailed in being both rapid and rigorous in undertaking such work.

Journal Articles, Blogs and Comment Pieces

Blog by Manni Sidhu March 2022: Pulse oximetry in care homes during the COVID-19 pandemic: sharing lessons from two independent rapid evaluations

BMJ Open article January 2022: Manni Sidhu, Jack Pollard, Jon Sussex Vertical integration of primary care practices with acute hospitals in England and Wales: why, how and so what? Findings from a qualitative, rapid evaluation

BMJ Open article January 2022: Sarah Parkinson, Judith Smith, Manni Sidhu Early development of primary care networks in the NHS in England: a qualitative mixed-methods evaluation

The Health Foundation Long Read 28 January 2021 NHS Reform: Five key questions about the future of primary care networks in England

British Medical Journal article 3 December 2020 by Gareth Lacobucci:  Vertical integration of hospitals and GPs has saved some practices but should not be imposed, study finds

Blog by Manni Sidhu and Jon Sussex: The RAND blog 7 December 2020 Can Primary Care Networks and Models of Vertical Integration Coexist in the NHS?

Blog by Manni Sidhu and Jon Sussex: Health Service Journal 1 December 2020 How hospitals could step in to help manage GP practices

British Medical Journal article 21 November 2020, Adrian O'Dowd Primary care networks: More effort is needed to engage with General Practices, says report

Blog by Manni Sidhu: GP Online 16 November 2020 Can PCNs overcome the challenges facing rural primary care

GP Online article 16 November 2020, Luke Haynes Rural Practices Struggling to deliver 'urban-focused' PCN targets, NIHR report warns

Blog by Sarah Parkinson: BJGP Life, 11 November 2020, Primary care networks in a time of pandemic

Blog by Judith Smith: Health Service Journal 10 November 2020 Primary care networks: getting into their stride? 

Health Service Journal Exclusive 10 November 2020, Jasmine Rapson Confusion and tensions over PCNs despite their 'early operational success'

Blog by Manni Sidhu: Sidhu MS (2019) : "The trade-off between rigour and real-world evidence needs" BRACE Rapid Evaluation Centre comment.

Comment by Judith Smith and Amelia Harshfield : Health Service Journal 10 September 2019 : "Primary Care Networks: A marathon not a sprint"


A collaboration between BRACE and RSET has evaluated Covid Oximetry @Home:

  1. Examining disparities relating to service reach and patient engagement with COVID-19 remote home monitoring services in England: a mixed methods rapid evaluation February 2022
  2. The impact of post-hospital remote monitoring of COVID-19 patients using pulse oximetry: a national observational study using hospital activity data January 2022
  3. Patients' and carers' experiences of, and engagement with remote home monitoring services for COVID-19 patients: a rapid mixed-methods study December 2021
  4. The impact of remote home monitoring of people with COVID-19 using pulse oximetry: a national population and observational study December 2021


A collaboration between BRACE and RSET presents findings from the study to identify key characteristics of remote home monitoring models for COVID-19 exploring the important role it has for patients and staff experiences The implementation of remote home monitoring models during the COVID-19 pandemic in England, March 2021

Colleagues from BRACE and RSET describe the rapid prioritisation methods both teams have used to identify and prioritise adult social care and social work innovations for evaluation Rapid prioritisation of topics for rapid evaluation: the case of innovations in adult social care and social work | Health Research Policy and Systems, March 2021

Holly Walton and Amelia Harshfield for BRACE: Innovations in Adult Social Care and Social Work Report, November 2019