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We develop new tools for diagnosing and treating cancer. The CRUK Clinical Trials Unit works together with clinicians to take advances in medicine and surgery forward to the clinic. We translate cutting edge science into improved patient care through the design of large multi-centre/international randomised trials as well as more data intensive Phase I trials of novel therapies.

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Pamela KearnsPamela Kearns

Professor of Clinical Paediatric Oncology

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CRUK Clinical Trials Unit
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Professor Lucinda Billingham Biostatistics and Clinical trials
Simon Gates Clinical trials
Piers Gaunt Clinical trials
Susanne Gatz Clinical trials
Aimee Jackson Clinical trials
Professor Pamela Kearns Paediatric oncology/Clinical trials
Sarah Pirrie Clinical trials
Professor Daniel Rea Breast cancer treatment
Haematology and Oncology
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Dr Manoj Raghavan Myeloid malignancies

Spotlight on Lung Cancer

583:807-812 (2020). Middleton G, P Fletcher, S Popat, J Savage, Y Summers, A Greystoke, . . .and L Billingham. The National Lung Matrix Trial of personalized therapy in lung cancer.

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A pioneering lung cancer study, led by the University of Birmingham’s Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials Unit, has highlighted important factors that will need to be considered in the next wave of precision medicine studies particularly in treating genomically complicated cancers.

The National Lung Matrix Trial (NLMT) is the world’s largest precision medicine clinical trial for non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients.

Selected highlights from this research theme

BMJ 376:e068177 (2022). Homer V, C Yap, S Bond, J Holmes, D Stocken, K Walker, . . . P Gaunt. Early phase clinical trials extension to guidelines for the content of statistical analysis plans.

J Clin Oncol JCO2200033 (2022). De Wilde B, E Barry, E Fox, D Karres, M Kieran, J Manlay, . . . P Kearns. The Critical Role of Academic Clinical Trials in Pediatric Cancer Drug Approvals: Design, Conduct, and Fit for Purpose Data for Positive Regulatory Decisions.

Arch Dis Child 107:186-188 (2022). Millen GC, R Arnold, JB Cazier, H Curley, R Feltbower, A Gamble, . . . P Kearns. COVID-19 in children with haematological malignancies.

British J Cancer 124:754-759 (2021). Millen GC, R ArnoldJB Cazier, H Curley, RG Feltbower, A Gamble, . . . C Varnai, PR KearnsSeverity of COVID-19 in children with cancer: Report from the United Kingdom Paediatric Coronavirus Cancer Monitoring Project.

iScience 24:103215 (2021). Syrimi E, E Fennell, A Richter, P Vrljicak, R Stark, S Ott, . . . P Kearns, GS Taylor. The immune landscape of SARS-CoV-2-associated Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) from acute disease to recovery.

Nature 583:807-812 (2020). Middleton G, P Fletcher, S Popat, J Savage, Y Summers, A Greystoke, . . . L Billingham. The National Lung Matrix Trial of personalized therapy in lung cancer. 

Lancet Respir Med 8:895-904 (2020). Middleton G, K Brock, J Savage, R Mant, Y Summers, J Connibear, . . . L Billingham. Pembrolizumab in patients with non-small-cell lung cancer of performance status 2 (PePS2): a single arm, phase 2 trial