Clinical Trials

Clinical trials

We develop new tools for diagnosing and treating cancer. The CRUK Clinical Trials Unit works together with clinicians to take advances in medicine and surgery forward to the clinic. We translate cutting edge science into improved patient care through the design of large multi-centre/international randomised trials as well as more data intensive Phase I trials of novel therapies.

Theme Lead

Pamela KearnsPamela Kearns

Professor of Clinical Paediatric Oncology

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Research groups


CRUK Clinical Trials Unit
Researcher Research area
Professor Lucinda Billingham Biostatistics and Clinical trials
Kristian Brock Clinical trials
Professor Charles Craddock Myeloid malignancies and stem cell transplantation
Simon Gates Clinical trials
Piers Gaunt Clinical trials
Susanne Gatz Clinical trials
Aimee Jackson Clinical trials
Professor Pamela Kearns Paediatric oncology/Clinical trials
Sarah Pirrie Clinical trials
Professor Daniel Rea Breast cancer treatment
Daniel Slade Clinical trials
Professor Keith Wheatley Cancer clinical trials
Surgery and Oncology
Researcher Research area
Simon Bach                                                      Colorectal cancer surgical trials
Aneel Bhangu Global surgery and international health/colorectal cancer
Professor Nicholas James Prostate cancer clinical trials
Professor Sean Kehoe Gynaecological cancer clinical trials
Professor Hisham Mehanna Head and neck cancer clinical trials
Professor Dion Morton Colorectal cancer clinical trials
Prashant Patel Urology and prostate cancer
Dr Manoj Raghavan Myeloid malignancies
Neil Sharma Head and neck clinical trials
Professor Sudha Sundar Ovarian cancer clinical trials
Professor Colin Watts Glioma genetics and clinical trials
Dr Jason Yap Ovarian and vulval cancer cell biology and therapy