Gene Structure and Regulation

 gene regulation

Our basic research covers cancer cell and stem cell biology, viral oncology (EBV and HPV) and genome biology. We use high throughput methods to determine how genetic abnormalities unravel the complex regulatory networks that underlie cancer. In parallel we are studying the molecular pathways that control the normal development and differentiation of stem cells.

Current research includes a £1.3 million grant from the MRC to test combinations of drugs that target the signalling molecule FLT3 together with the transcription factor RUNX1 in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.

Theme Lead

Professor Constanze Bonifer

Professor Constanze Bonifer

Chair of Experimental Haematology

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Research groups

Gene structure and regulation
ResearcherResearch Group
Paul Badenhorst Drosophila development and epigenetics
Constanze Bonifer Epigenetics and gene regulation in blood cells
Peter Cockerill Epigenetics and gene regulation in blood cells
Clare Davies Protein methylation in breast cancer
Jonathan Frampton Blood stem cells and leukaemia
Roger Grand (Honorary) Adenovirus biology and cellular transformation
Maarten Hoogenkamp Epigenetics and gene regulation in blood cells
Padma-Sheela Jayaraman Role of PRH in stem cells, vascular biology and cancer 
Rui Monteiro TGFb signalling in haematopoiesis and endothelial biology
Ferenc Mueller Gene regulation and development in zebrafish
Joanna Parish HPV gene expression and replication
Andrew Turnell Adenovirus biology and cellular transformation
Bryan Turner Regulation of histone modifications