Our established multi-disciplinary scientific excellence in thrombo-inflammation

Thrombosis is a heterogeneous group of disorders which are collectively the major killers of mankind and are usually triggered by injury to the vessel, by exposure to exogenous agents including foreign surfaces and by lesions of atherosclerotic plaques. Our recent advances in understanding the initiators of thrombosis show that thrombosis can also originate in the venous system directly from activity of the inflammatory response without the requirement for vascular injury, a process termed thrombo-inflammation. 

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Dr Neil Morgan

Reader in Cardiovascular Genetics

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Theme Lead

Dr Mark Thomas

NIHR Clinical Lecturer

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About the research

Our expertise in inflammation biology, in platelet function and in thrombotic disease means that we are ideally placed to provide new opportunities for therapeutic intervention in arterial thrombosis and thrombo-inflammatory driven pathology, whether this be in the field of chronic inflammatory vascular diseases or the thrombotic complications associated with these diseases.

Example projects in ICVS include a critical role for mast cells in triggering venous thrombosis; the platelet specific inhibitory receptor G6b-B as a novel regulator of platelet activation; or new ways to target GPVI and CLEC-2 using state of the art imaging and investigating their roles in thrombosis and thromboinflammation, respectively.