Environment Care Consortium


The PrecisionTox project acts as the scientific arm of the Environment Care Consortium. This global network of over 100 science, legal and public health experts and students offers leadership in confronting the worldwide health and justice problems caused by pollution.

The communities who contribute the least to pollution often suffer the worst health repercussions from exposure to harmful chemicals.

Whilst PrecisionTox is reinventing the approach to chemical risk assessment, Environment Care will take these findings further, translating them into community-orientated solutions designed to improve the health of groups facing environmental injustices.

Environment Care’s overall mission is to work towards a world where nobody suffers sickness at the hands of pollution. As the European hub for Environment Care, staff at the University of Birmingham are now focusing their efforts on launching the Environment Care Foundation. This charitable organisation will fund ambitious initiatives such as PrecisionTox to work towards a brighter future where vulnerable communities have access to healthy environments.

To find out more about Environment Care, its partners and mission, visit the Environment Care Website and follow their social media below.




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