Our mission

The Centre for Environmental Research and Justice (CERJ) combines modern science and law to make the environment safe from toxic chemicals. Our mission is to help remedy harm to human health and the environment caused by pollution .


We use science that unites human and environmental health protection, to make fundamental discoveries that also help in the shift to a new approach at regulatory science. Our approach integrates research in:

  • systems biology
  • environmental chemistry
  • ecology
  • quantitative genetics
  • genomics
  • metabolomics
  • evolutionary theory
  • high-performance computing
  • artificial & human intelligence
  • clinical science
  • medical diagnostics
  • toxicology


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We are developing legal frameworks that can operationalize the new science and knowledge in decision making, developing environmental justice through research in:

  • law which captures a society’s values and is used as a mediating institution capable of engaging people competing in the private sector with the significant institutions of public life
  • advancing a new global culture of accountability that is based on this vastly improved scientific opportunity for effective recourse
  • understanding and breaking socio-technical barriers to the uptake of new forms of evidence by governing institutions


Postgraduate Law degree courses