Together with the Institute for Interdisciplinary Data Science and AI, the Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Government provides expert research data science engineering services to support AI and data science projects across the university and with external partners. 

Our dedicated team of research data scientists offer a range of services including: 

  • Consultation and advice on technical design, implementation, and analysis for research projects using AI, machine learning, and advanced data science methods. 
  • Custom development of data pipelines, models, and analytics tools tailored to project needs. 
  • Data infrastructure set up and management, including cloud platforms, databases, and version control. 
  • Application of best practices in reproducible research, model ops, and ethical AI development. 
  • Training and skill-building workshops on topics like machine learning, neural networks, statistical analysis, visualisation, and programming. 
  • Review and troubleshooting of model performance, data quality, and pipeline issues. 
  • Support for complying with security, privacy, and data governance requirements. 
  • Prototyping and productisation of research models and algorithms into robust tools.

Our highly experienced research data scientists collaborate closely with scholars and government partners to translate research into impact. We welcome inquiries about bespoke services to accelerate your interdisciplinary projects in the public interest. 

Additionally, we contribute to the university's broader data science training curriculum by coordinating courses, seminars, and events. These initiatives develop critical capacity in AI and data science methodology for researchers across disciplines. 

Please get in touch via to learn more about our research data science engineering services or training opportunities. We look forward to enabling your projects to derive transformative insights from data.