Organisation - Centre for Human Brain Health

 The management of the Centre for Human Brain Health (CHBH) is the responsibility of two key committees: the Management Committee and the Operations Committee.

  • The Management Committee is responsible for the short- and medium-term oversight of the Centre. Its members represent a broad range of expertise tied to the facilities the Centre supports. The Management Committee is responsible for budgetary oversight of the CHBH.
  • The Operations Committee oversees the technical and operational administration of the Centre to ensure a robust and efficient environment that facilitates members' research and teaching. 

The Management Committee is chaired by the Centre's Co-Directors, Professor Ole Jensen and Professor Andrew Bagshaw, and the Operations Committee is chaired by the Centre's Operations Manager, Dr Emily Loftus.

Management Committee

  • Prof Andy Bagshaw (School of Psychology) - Director / CHBH H&S Director
  • Prof Ole Jensen (School of Psychology) - Director / Sleep
  • Dr Emily Loftus – Operations Manager (currently on maternity leave - Alberto Guglielmi covering)
  • Dr Magda Chechlacz (School of Psychology) - MRI
  • Dr Hyojin Park (School of Psychology) - MEG
  • Dr Damian Cruse (School of Psychology) - EEG
  • Dr Sam Lucas (School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences) - NIRS
  • Dr Ned Jenkinson (School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences) – Brain Stimulation
  • Dr Anna Kowalczyk (School of Psychology) - OPM
  • Dr Matthew Apps (School of Psychology) - High Performance Computing Lead
  • Dr Peter Hansen (School of Psychology) - IT
  • Dr Davinia Fernández-Espejo (School of Psychology) – User Representative (currently on leave - Dr Patricia Lockwood covering)
  • Mr Andrew Lees (Life and Environmental Sciences) - Infrastructure and Facilities
  • Ms Charnjit Sidhu (School of Psychology) - IT Lead
  • Dr Clayton Hickey (School of Psychology) - Project Coordinator
  • Ms Caroline Ratcliffe (School of Psychology) - Operations Administrator

Operations Committee

  • Dr Emily Loftus - Operations Manager  (currently on maternity leave - Alberto Guglielmi covering)
  • Ms Nina Salman - Chief Radiographer
  • Dr Martin Wilson - MR Physicist
  • Ms Charnjit Sidhu - Computing (Technical Research and Projects) Officer
  • Mr Dagmar Fraser - MR Research Support Technician
  • Mr Jonathan Winter - MEG Support Officer
  • Ms Dorottya Hetenyi - Research Assistant
  • Ms Caroline Ratcliffe - Operations Administrator