Health Law and the UK: Where Now After Brexit?

Birmingham Law School
Thursday 4 May 2017 (10:00-17:00)

For further information contact Professor Jean McHale:

As policy makers and lawyers grapple with the aftermath of the EU Referendum this conference explores the implications and challenges of Brexit for UK Health Law.

Papers will include 'Brexit: an opportunity to rationalise bioethics governance in the U.K.?; the impact of Brexit for public health law; “Clinical Trials in the UK: Where Now After Brexit”; the implications of Brexit for reproductive choice; “Open for Business - Risks to Public Health from International Commerce After Brexit"; “Research Regulation: A leap in the Dark”; privacy health and data protection post Brexit; and “Pharmaceutical regulation: another fine mess they’ve got us into”.

Speakers include:

  • Professor Emma Cave, Durham Law School,
  • Professor John Coggon, Bristol Law School
  • Dr Mairead Enright, Birmingham Law School
  • Professor Graeme Laurie, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Samantha Halliday, Leeds Law School
  • Professor Tamara Hervey, Sheffield Law Schools
  • Dr Mark Flear, Queens University Belfast Law School
  • Professor Jean McHale, Centre for Health Law Science and Policy, Birmingham Law School
  • Professor Jonathan Montgomery, Faculty of Laws UCL
  • Professor Chris Newdick, School of Law, University of Reading
  • Professor Keith Syrett, Cardiff Law School
  • Dr Mark Taylor, Sheffield Law School

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