At City-REDI we are focussed on creating successful places through people. Understanding how people drive economic growth, by applying their skills, knowledge and expertise in firms and public sector organisations to add value. Also how they benefit from growth, and why these benefits are persistently unevenly and unequally distributed within and between regions.

Our research looks at how we can create the conditions for inclusive growth at a local level. This includes understanding wider social aspects and impacts of growth, and the underlying capabilities of people which underpin the growth potential of places.

People compete for jobs, firms compete for talented people and places compete for both. In an increasingly knowledge-based global economy regions need to attract skilled people and innovative firms. In our work City-REDI is examining the national skills deficit and the regional mismatch between the demand for and supply of different kinds of labour. The efficient operation of local labour markets underpins both the productivity of firms and the well-being of people in regions. We seek to understand how we narrow disparities between communities in skills and education and remove barriers faced by workers from underrepresented groups in realising their potential.

City-REDI is looking to explore how everyone can improve their skills throughout their lives, increasing their earning power, contributing to productivity improvements and adding more value to the places they work and the communities in which they live. We are developing new impact methodologies to understand the potential of interventions to influence structural and emerging challenges faced by people and their communities now and in the future.

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