The Economic and Social Impacts of Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Covid-19 is a medical emergency but also an economic contagion which has triggered a cycle of economic and social impacts. Researchers at WM REDI, University of Birmingham have used their expertise to analyse economic exposure to Coronavirus in the West Midlands and the UK, bringing together data and intelligence which can be shared and utilised in planning and responding to the challenge of the virus.

West Midlands Weekly Economic Impact Monitor: ISSUE 14

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WM REDI has been tasked with providing an up to date monitor of the current COVID-19 economic impacts to help regional partners to shape responses and interventions to ensure the region continues to thrive.

Contagion: The Economic and Social Impacts of Coronavirus on the West Midlands

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Professor Simon Collinson highlights four keys ways in which the West Midlands will be economically exposed by COVID-19 and looks at how we might mitigate some of the economic and social risks.


What are the economic impacts of COVID-19 on the West Midlands?

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