Academic Programmers Special Interest Group

AP SIGThe Academic Programmers Special Interest Group (SIG) is a University-wide group for IT staff, technical officers and academics who program. This creative and innovative group of programmers explore intellectual ideas, and support researchers to find ways for these ideas to be realised, through the use of digital tools. 

The Academic Programmers SIG has been established to;

  • Raise the profile of academic programmers, and to raise awareness across the University of the innovative work currently being undertaken.
  • Provide an opportunity for academic programmers to discuss a variety of relevant subjects, and address wider strategic issues.
  • Develop cross-college partnerships between academic programmers, and strengthen the partnership between academic programmers and IT colleagues.
  • Provide access for non-programmers in need of engagement with experts, to identify ways in which programming can enhance their research. 

To subscribe to the Academic Programmers SIG mailing list please email with subscribe academic-programmers in the main body of the email (please include a new line at the end).

For further information please contact:

Professor Jean-Baptiste Cazier
Chair of Bioinformatics
Director of the Centre for Computational Biology 

Professor David Parker
Edward Cadbury Professor of Theology
Director of the Institute for Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing