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Professor Jean-Baptiste Cazier

Chair of Bioinformatics
Director of the Centre for Computational Biology

Professor Cazier has interests across the broad spectrum of computational and mathematical modelling of natural phenomena. 

Jean-Baptiste Cazier

Professor Georgios Gkoutos

Chair of Clinical Bioinformatics

Professor Gkoutos has interests in the general areas of clinical and biomedical informatics, computational biology, and integrative & translational research.

Georgios Gkoutos

Professor Krish Nirantharakumar

UKRI Innovation Clinical Fellow 
Honorary Consultant in Public Health Medicine

Dr Nirantharakumar has particular interests in developing novel digital tools that enable effective/efficient healthcare systems and expedite health care research.

Krish Nirantharakumar

Dr Deena Gendoo

Senior Lecturer in Computational Biology
Deputy Programme Lead MSc Bioinformatics Edgbaston 

Dr Gendoo's research program focuses on translational bioinformatics and integrative approaches towards characterization of preclinical disease models (organoids, xenografts, GEMMs) and their application in personalized therapy. 

Deena Gendoo

Dr Jan-Ulrich Kreft 

Senior Lecturer

Dr Kreft lectures in Computational Biology. Dr Kreft has a wet lab, which allows his group to measure parameters for their models or test model predictions.

Jan-Ulrich Kreft

Dr Marc Haber

Associate Professor 

Dr Haber’s background is in population genetics. He uses sequencing data from modern and ancient populations to learn about the events that shaped the human genome; this involves investigating how humans migrated and spread around the world, mixed, and adapted to new environments and the consequence of these events on disease and phenotype.

Marc Haber

Dr Roland Arnold 

Group Leader

Dr Arnold is interested in developing and applying methods that help us to bridge the gap between genomic alterations, especially in cancer, and cellular phenotypes by novel data analysis methods and by data-integration. While having experience in a wide range of methods and different high-throughput data types, his special interest is in methods that allow us to look at gene expression data in sophisticated ways and to deduce biologically relevant information that otherwise would have been overlooked.


Dr Anas Rana

Deputy Programme Lead MSc Bioinformatics Distance Learning

Dr Rana is a Lecturer in the Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences where he is based at the Centre for Computational Biology.

Anas Rana

Dr Jiarui Zhou


Dr Zhou's research focuses on using interpretable machine learning and network modelling for the analysis of multi-omics "big" data. He aims to bridge the gap between computational and biological worlds to tackle the emerging data science challenges in environmental health research.

Jiarui Zhou

Dr Ralf Weber

Director of Bioinformatics, Phenome Centre Birmingham (PCB)

Dr Weber is the Director of Bioinformatics for the Phenome Centre Birmingham. His research team’s interests include the development and application of data processing, biostatistics and data mining tools to facilitate biochemical annotation and interpretation of clinical and toxicological metabolomics data.

Ralf Weber

Dr Archana Sharma-Oates

Assistant Professor, Lecturer

Dr Sharma-Oates’s research interest include the influence of ethnicity and the environment on disease onset and disease severity with a focus on autoimmune inflammatory diseases.


Archana Sharma-Oates

Dr Andreas Karwath

Rutherford Fellow

Dr Karwath's main research areas are concerned with the application of machine learning and data mining to a variety of fields within the life sciences.

Andreas Karwath

Dr Peter Winn

Honorary Lecturer 

Dr Winn specialises in molecular modelling of biomolecules, including structural bioinformatics and analysis of protein amino-acid sequences.

Peter Winn

Senior Researchers

Dr Animesh Acharjee

Assistant Professor

Animesh Acharjee is an Assistant Professor of Integrative Analytics and AI (Health Data Science) and Deputy Programme Director, MSc in Health Data Science (Dubai). 

Animesh Acharjee

Dr Csilla Várnai

Research Fellow & CRUK Bioinformatician

Dr Várnai is a Research Fellow in bioinformatics and a CRUK bioinformatician. Her research is at the interface of experimental and computational biology, working closely with molecular biologists to understand the link between the 3D organisation of the genome and its function in gene regulation, in health and disease. Her expertise is in method development for and application of statistical analysis of genomics data, molecular modelling, Bayesian inference, optimisation and machine learning.

Csilla Várnai

Dr Wayne Croft

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Croft's research background has focussed on cellular signalling, combining both ‘wet-lab’ experimental work with computational modelling to gain novel insights into how cells sense and respond to noisy and dynamic extracellular signals.

As a Senior Research Fellow in the Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy his work now focusses on utilising Omics data to further our understanding of Immune response in the solid tumor, hematopoietic stem cell transplant and viral infection research settings.

Wayne Croft

Research Fellows

Dr Furqan Aziz

Research Fellow

Dr Aziz is a Research Fellow with interests in developing and applying novel graph-based algorithms and network-based mining approaches within biomedical and clinical settings.

Furqan Aziz

Dr Andrey Barsky

Research Fellow

Dr Barsky is a Research Fellow with interests in artificial intelligence, deep learning, and computer vision. He currently works on multimodal representation learning in medical imaging and clinical datasets.

Andrey Barsky

Dr Luke Slater

Research Fellow

Luke Slater is a Research Fellow with an interest in ontology and ontology accessories, and their combination with other interdisciplinary techniques to gain novel and practically useful insights into information.

Luke Slater

Dr Yuanwei Xu

Research Fellow

Dr Xu is a Research Fellow in statistical computing. He studied applied mathematics and further researched computational chemistry. He has worked on TB outbreak reconstruction with bacterial genomics and epidemiology data, using mathematical modelling and Bayesian statistics. His research interests are computational biology, biomedical informatics and machine learning applications in healthcare.

Yuanwei Xu

PhD students

Anjali Vasudevan
Laura Bravo
Arthur Alexander
Monia Zidane
Boping Deng
Nabeela Malik
David Greenwood 
Reem Habib A Al Radha
Dominic Russ
Samantha Pendleton
Edwin Aponte
Hannah Doherty
Vincenzo Ronca

Previous CCB staff

Professor James Bentley Brown

Chair of Environmental Bioinformatics

Professor Brown’s lab works to link genome dynamics to ecosystem functions – to understand how the information encoded in genomes gives rise to complex and profoundly responsive systems.

James Bentley Brown

Professor Christopher Yau

Reader in Computational Biology

Dr Yau was an expert in statistical methodologies for machine learning and data science and specialised in genomic science, particularly cancer.

Christopher Yau

Dr Boris Noyvert

Honorary Research Fellow in Bioinformatics

Dr Noyvert is interested in genomics of human diseases and human health.

Boris Noyvert

Dr Chris Middleton 

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Middleton's research interests are in using next generation sequencing to investigate chromatin structure, transcription factor binding and gene expression during cell differentiation. This enables us to gain an insight into the changes that occur within the genome when cells go through differentiation.

Chris Middleton

Dr Alina Bazarova

Research Fellow

Alina was interested in applying various mathematical methods in biology, medicine and economics as well as developing novel statistical tests based on the limit theorems in probability theory.

Alina Bazarova

Dr Anshita Goel

Research Fellow

Dr Goel's expertise was in the application of next-generation sequencing technologies towards understanding how changes in genetic sequence across cell types or population cohorts can be used to understand human health and disease. 

Anshita Goel

Dr Journi Kvist 

Research Fellow

Dr Kvist's research focused on the role of epigenetic regulation in the emerging model species of water flea (Daphnia). He studied how genetic and environmental factors affected epigenetic regulation such as DNA methylation and histone modifications, and how these modifications in turn alter phenotypic traits.

Journi Kvist

Dr Wakil Sarfaraz

Research Fellow

Dr Sarafaz carried out research on developing and simulating mathematical models that described the spatiotemporal patterns observed in data acquired from Experimental Haematology. 

Wakil Sarfaraz

Dr Tanmay Basu

Research Fellow

Dr Basu is a Research Fellow in biomedical informatics with interests in developing methods and tools using novel computational natural language processing, text mining, machine learning and sentiment analysis techniques for potential knowledge discovery in electronic health records, social media, biomedical data and other types of text data.

Tanmay Basu

Dr Yi Pan

CRUK Birmingham Centre Biostatistician

Dr Pan is a Biostatistician based at the Centre for Computational Biology. He is responsible for the design and analysis of bioinformatics / computational biology experiments across the CRUK Birmingham Centre and the College of Medical and Dental Sciences.

Yi Pan

Dr Ryan Pepper

Senior Research Software Engineer

Ryan completed an MSci in Theoretical Physics at the University of Birmingham in 2015 and then undertook a PhD in the CDT for Next Generation Computational Modelling at the University of Southampton, where he studied nanomagnetic systems and developed research software for the study of these.  After his PhD he worked at Siemens on a commercial CFD package for the electronics industry, and joined the Research Software.

Dr Inti Anabela Pagnuco

Research Fellow

Dr Pagnuco is a Research Fellow in the Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences. Her principal interests are genomic diseases and how to use machine learning techniques to gain novel insights into large datasets.

Inti Anabela Pagnuco

Dr Joel Mitchell

Research Fellow

Joel Mitchell is a Research Fellow in the Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences with an interest in topology and how it may be used to gain novel insights into large datasets.

Joel Mitchell

John Williams 

Research Fellow

John Williams is a Research Fellow in behavioural multiomics data integration and analysis. He works to understand the biological basis of complex and diverse behavioural phenotypes by modelling genomic, transcriptomic and clinical data.

John Williams

Dr Saisakul Chernbumroong

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Chernbumroong has substantial experience in data analysis and modelling in medical application using AI and machine learning techniques. Her research interests include human activity recognition, sensor data analysis and application of AI/machine learning techniques in healthcare application.

Saisakul Chernbumroong

Dr Justina Žurauskienė

Lecturer in Data Analytics and Statistical Machine Learning

Dr Žurauskienė has expertise and research interests in mathematical modelling, statistical machine learning and method development with applications focusing on genomic data and women’s health.

Justina Žurauskienė

Dr Danesh Moradigaravand

Programme Director MSc Bioinformatics Dubai

Dr Moradigaravand’s research aims to provide a better understanding of evolutionary dynamics of bacterial populations. 

Danesh Moradigaravand

Victor Roth Cardoso

Research Fellow

Victor Roth Cardoso is an engineer turned bioinformatician. He is completing his PhD at the University of Birmingham, applying novel machine learning techniques and data tools to the identification of biomarkers, stratification of patients and integration and analysis of different health data. He has extensive experience with clinical data systems. 

Victor Roth Cardoso

Previous PhD students

Agata Stodolna
Nadia Lipunova
Effirosyni Karakitsou
Joanna (Kim) Summers
Greg Papatzikas
Eleni Christidi
Hayley Carr
Sam Benkwitz-Bedford
Victor Roth Cardoso
Tugce Oruc
Luke Slater
John Williams
Victor Roth Cardoso

CCB support team 

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Centre Manager
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Jordan McCormick 
Administrative Assistant and PA to Professor JB Cazier
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Ruby Zaidi
MSc Bioinformatics Programme Administrator
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Dr Simon Hartley
Senior Research Software Engineer (HPC)