Staff in the Centre collaborate with researchers around the world and contribute to a number of highly-rated scientific journals. A selection of recent articles can be found below: 

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Uric acid and gluconic acid as predictors of hyperglycemia and cytotoxic injury after stroke


Translational biomarkers in the era of precision medicine

Bravo-Merodio, L., Acharjee, A., Russ, D., Bisht, V., Williams, J.A., Tsaprounie, L.G., Gkoutos, G.V.


Advances in Clinical Chemistry.

2020 Oct 3.


Ethnicity-based differences in the incident risk of allergic diseases and autoimmune disorders: a UK-based retrospective cohort study of 4.4million participants

Subramanian, A., Adderley, N., Gkoutos, G., Margadhamane Gokhale, K., Nirantharakumar, K., Krishna, M.


Clinical and Experimental Allergy.
2020 Sep 18.



COVID-19 prevalence and mortality in patients with cancer and the effect of primary tumour subtype and patient demographics: a prospective cohort study

Lee, L.Y.W.*, Cazier, J-B.*, Starkey, T.*, Briggs, S.E.W., Arnold, R., Bisht, V., Booth, S., Campton, N.A., Cheng, V.W.T., Collins, G., Curley, H.M., Earwaker, P., Fittall, M.W., Gennatas, S., Goel, A., Hartley, S., Hughes, D.J., Kerr, D., Lee, A.J.X., Lee, R.J., Lee, S.M., McKenzie, H., Middleton, C.P., Murugaesu, N., Newsom-Davis, T., Olsson-Brown, A.C., Palles, C., Powles, T., Protheroe, E.A., Purshouse, K., Sharma-Oates, A., Sivakumar, S., Smith, A.J., Topping, O., Turnbull, C.D., Várnai, C., Briggs, A.D.M., Middleton, G.†, Kerr, R.†   (* joint first author, † joint senior author)

The Lancet Oncology.
2020 Aug 24;21(10):1309-1316.


Reduced left atrial cardiomyocyte PITX2 and elevated circulating BMP10 predict atrial fibrillation after ablation


Reyat, J. S., Chua, W., Cardoso, V. R., Witten, A., Kastner, P. M., Kabir, S. N., Sinner, M. F., Wesselink, R., Holmes, A. P., Pavlovic, D., Stoll, M., Kääb, S., Gkoutos, G. V., de Groot, J. R., Kirchhof, P. & Fabritz, L.


JCI Insight.

2020 Aug 20; 5(16):e139179.


Target Product Profile for an endometrial receptivity test: women's perspective

Craciunas, L., Pickering, O., Chu, J., Žurauskienė, J., Coomarasamy, A.

European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology.
2020 Aug 1;253:42-47.


The consequences of lipid remodelling of adipocyte membranes being functionally distinct from lipid storage in obesity

Liu, K., Acharjee, A., Hinz, C., Liggi, S., Murgia, A., Denes, J., Gulston, M.K., Wang, X., Chu, Y., West, J.A., Glen, R.C., Roberts, L.D., Murray, A.J., Griffin, J.L.

Journal of Proteome Research.
2020 Jul 9;19(10):3919–3935.


Core regulatory circuitries in defining cancer cell identity across the malignant spectrum

Jahangiri, L., Tsaprouni, L., Trigg, R. M., Williams, J. A., Gkoutos, G. V., Turner, S. D. & Pereira, J.

Open Biology.
2020 Jul 8;10(7):200121.


Functional movements of the GABA type A receptor

Várnai, C., Irwin, B.W.J., Payne, M.C., Csányi, G., Chau, P.-L.

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.
2020 Jul 7;22(28):16023-16031.


Gene-environment interaction with smoking for increased non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer tumor size

Lipunova, N., Wesselius, A., Cheng, K. K., van Schooten, F-J., Bryan, R. T., Cazier, J-B., Zeegers, M. P.

Translational Andrology and Urology.
2020 Jun 30;9(3):1329-1337.


The genetic population structure of Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile

Mountford, H.S., Villanueva, P., Fernandez, M.A., Jara, L., De Barbieri, Z., Carvajal-Carmona, L.G., Cazier, J-B., Newbury, D.F. 

Frontiers in Genetics.
2020 Jun 26;11:669.


Machine learning for high-throughput field phenotyping and image processing provides insight into the association of above and below-ground traits in cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz)

Selvaraj, M.G., Valderrama, M., Guzman, D., Valencia, M., Ruiz, H., Acharjee, A.

Plant Methods.
2020 Jun 14;16:87. 


Radiomic analysis of native T1 mapping images discriminates between MYH7 and MYBPC3-related hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Wang, J., Yang, F., Liu, W., Sun, J., Han, Y., Li, D., Gkoutos, G. V., Zhu, Y. & Chen, Y.

Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
2020 Jun 11.


Coronavirus disease 2019: the pivotal role of UK clinical oncology and the UK Coronavirus Cancer Monitoring Project

Best, J., Starkey, T., Chaterjee, A., Fackrell, D., Pettit, L., Srihari, N., Tween, H., Olsson-Brown, A., Cheng, V., Hughes, D.J., Lee, A.J.X., Purshouse, K., Arnold, R., Palles, C., Sivakumar, S., Cazier, J-B., Lee, L.Y.W.

Clinical Oncology.
2020 Jun 5.


COVID-19 mortality in patients with cancer on chemotherapy or other anticancer treatments: a prospective cohort study

Lee, L.Y.W.*, Cazier, J-B.*, Angelis, V., Arnold, R., Bisht, V., Campton, N.A., Chackathayil, J., Cheng V.W.T., Curley, H.M., Fittall, M.W., Freeman-Mills, L., Gennatas, S., Goel, A., Hartley, S., Hughes D.J., Kerr, D., Lee, A.J.X., Lee, R.J., McGrath, S.E., Middleton, C.P., Murugaesu, N., Newsom-Davis, T., Okines, A.F.C., Olsson-Brown, A.C., Palles, C., Pan, Y., Pettengell, R., Powles, T., Protheroe, E.A., Purshouse, K., Sharma-Oates, A., Sivakumar, S., Smith, A.J., Starkey, T., Turnbull, C.D., Várnai, C., Yousaf, N., UK CCMP, Kerr, R.†, Middleton, G.†   (* joint first author, † joint senior author) 

The Lancet.
2020 May 28;395(10241):1919-1926.


A genetic history of the Near East from an aDNA time course sampling eight points in the past 4,000 years

Haber, M., Nassar, J., Almarri, M.A., Saupe, T., Saag, L., Griffith, S.J., Doumet-Serhal, C., Chanteau, J., Saghieh-Beydoun, M., Xue, Y., Scheib, C.L., Tyler-Smith, C.

American Journal of Human Genetics.
2020 May 28;107(1):149-157.


Prevalence of admission plasma glucose in 'diabetes' or 'at risk' ranges in hospital emergencies with no prior diagnosis of diabetes by gender, age and ethnicity

Ghosh, S., Manley, S. E., Nightingale, P. G., Williams, J. A., Susarla, R., Alonso‐Perez, I., Stratton, I. M., Gkoutos, G. V., Webber, J., Luzio, S. D., Hanif, W., Roberts, G. A.

Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism.
2020 May 15;3(3).


The UK Coronavirus Cancer Monitoring Project: protecting patients with cancer in the era of COVID-19

Anil, I., Arnold, R., Benkwitz-Bedford, S., Branford, S., Campton, N., Cazier, J-B., Cheng, V., Curley, H., D'Costa, J., Edmondson, A., Goel, A., Hartley, S., Hughes, D.J., Kerr, R., Lee, A., Lee, L.Y.W., Longworth, N., Middleton, C., Middleton, G., Naksukpaiboon, P., Olsson-Brown, A., Palles, C., Purshouse, K., Sandys, C., Sharma-Oates, A., Sivakumar, S., Smith, A., Starkey, T., Thompson, S., Várnai, C

The Lancet Oncology.
2020 Apr 15;21(5):622-624.

Modeling germline mutations in pineoblastoma uncovers lysosome disruption-based therapy

Chung, P.E.D., Gendoo, D.M.A., Ghanbari-Azarnier, R., Liu, J.C., Jiang, Z., Tsui, J., Wang, D-Y., Xiao, X., Li, B., Dubuc, A., Shih, D., Remke, M., Ho, B., Garzia, L., Ben-David, Y., Kang, S-G., Croul, S., Haibe-Kains, B., Huang, A., Taylor, M.D., Zacksenhaus, E.

Nature Communications.
2020 Apr 14;11:1825.


Time extrapolation in regulatory risk assessment: the impact of study differences on the extrapolation factors

Escher, S., Mangelsdorf, I., Hoffmann-Doerr, S., Partosch, F., Karwath, A., Schröder, K., Zapf, A., Batke, M.

Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology.
2020 Apr;112:104584.


Iron is a ligand of SecA-like metal-binding domains in vivo

Cranford-Smith, T., Jamshad, M., Jeeves, M., Chandler, R., Yule, J., Robinson, A., Alam, F., Dunne, K., Aponte Angarita, E., Alanazi, M., Carter, C., Henderson, I., Lovett, J., Winn, P., Knowles, T., Huber, D.

Journal of Biological Chemistry.
2020 Apr 2;295:7516-7528.


Parental-to-embryo switch of chromosome organization in early embryogenesis

Collombet, S., Ranisavljevic, N., Nagano, T., Várnai, C., Shisode, T., Leung, W., Piolot, T., Galupa, R., Borensztein, M., Servant, N., Fraser, P., Ancelin, K., Heard, E.

2020 Mar 25;580:142–146. 

Assessment of endoscopic healing by using advanced technologies reflects histologic healing in ulcerative colitis

Iacucci, M., Ghosh, S., Cannatelli, R., Gui, X. S., Bazarova, A., Zardo, D., Gkoutos, G., Lethebe, B. C., Kaplan, G. G., Panaccione, R., Kiesslich, R. & Ghosh, S. 

Journal of Crohn's & Colitis.
2020 Mar 23;14(9):1282-1289.


Phylogenetically informative mutations in genes implicated in antibiotic resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex

Merker M., Kohl T. A., Barilar I., Andres S., Fowler P., Chryssanthou E., Ängeby K., Jureen P., Moradigaravand D., Parkhill J., Peacock S. J., Schön T., Maurer F., Walker T., Köser C., Niemann S.

Genome Medicine.
2020 Mar 6;12(1):27.


Violence-related knife injuries in a UK city; epidemiology and impact on secondary care resources

Malik, N.S., Munoz, B., de Courcey, C., Imran, R., Lee, K.C., Chernbumroong, S., Bishop, J., Lord, J.M., Gkoutos, G., Bowley, D.M., Foster, M.A.

2020 Mar 3;20:100296.


ESCO1 and CTCF enable formation of long chromatin loops by protecting cohesinSTAG1 from WAPL

Wutz, G., Ladurner, R., Glenn St Hilaire, B., Stocsits, R.R., Nagasaka, K., Pignard, B., Sanborn, A., Tang, W., Várnai, C., Ivanov, M.P., Schoenfelder, S., van der Lelij, P., Huang, X., Dürnberger, G., Roitinger, E., Mechtler, K., Davidson, I.F., Fraser, P., Lieberman-Aiden, E., Peters, J-M.

2020 Feb 17;9:e52091.


Epidemiology, morbidity and mortality in Behçet’s disease: a cohort study using The Health Improvement Network (THIN)

Thomas, T., Chandan, J.S., Subramanian, A., Gokhale, K., Gkoutos, G., Harper, L., Buckley, C., Chandratre, P., Raza, K., Situnayake, D., Nirantharakumar, K.

2020 Feb 10;59(10):2785-2795.


Integrative analysis of spontaneous CLL regression highlights genetic and microenvironmental interdependency in CLL: natural history and mechanism of spontaneous CLL regression

Kwok, M.C.K., Oldreive, C., Rawstron, A.C., Goel, A., Papatzikas, G., Jones, R., Drennan, S., Agathanggelou, A., Sharma-Oates, A., Evans, P., Smith, E., Dalal, S., Mao, J., Hollows, R., Gordon, N., Hamada, M., Davies, N., Parry, H., Beggs, A., Munir, T., Moreton, P., Paneesha, S., Pratt, G., Taylor, M., Forconi, F., Baird, D., Cazier, J-B., Moss, P., Hillmen, P. & Stankovic, T.

2020 Feb 6;135(6):411-428.

Bioinformatics and computational approaches for analyzing patient-derived disease models in cancer research

Gendoo, D.M.A. 

Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal.
2020 Feb 5;18:375-380.

A pilot integrative analysis of colonic gene expression, gut microbiota and immune infiltration in primary sclerosing cholangitis-inflammatory bowel disease: association of disease with bile acid pathways

Quraishi, M.N., Acharjee, A., Beggs, A. D., Horniblow, R., Tselepis, C., Gkoutos, G., Ghosh, S., Rossiter, A., Loman, N., van Schaik, W., Withers, D., Walters, J.R. F., Hirschfield, G.M. & Iqbal, T.H.

Journal of Crohn's & Colitis.
2020 Feb 4;14(7):935-947.

A multicentre development and validation study of a novel Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding score - The Birmingham Score

Smith, S., Bazarova, A., Ejenavi, E., Qurashi, M., Shivaji, U., Harvey, P.R., Slaney, E., McFarlane, M., Baker, G., Elnagar, M., Yuzari, S., Gkoutos, G.V., Ghosh, S. & Iacucci, M.

International Journal of Colorectal Disease.
2020 Feb;35:285-293.

Structural analysis of 14-3-3-ζ-derived phosphopeptides using electron capture dissociation mass spectrometry, traveling wave ion mobility spectrometry, and molecular modeling

Simmonds, A., Lopez-Clavijo, A., Winn, P., Russell, D., Styles, I. & Cooper, H.

Journal of Physical Chemistry B.
2020 Jan 23;124(3):461-469.


P005 Regulators of the guanylate cyclase pathway are potential novel markers of mucosal healing in IBD

Jeffery, L. E., Shivaji, U. N., Zardo, D., Acharjee, A., Nardone, O. M., Smith, S. C., Gkoutos, G., Visweswariah, S. S., Ghosh, S., Iacucci, M.

Journal of Crohn's & Colitis.
2020 Jan 15;14(1):131-132.

A one health study of the genetic relatedness of Klebsiella pneumoniae and their mobile elements in the East of England

Ludden C., Moradigaravand D.

Clinical Infectious Diseases.
2020 Jan 15;70(2):219-226.