Climate Impact Publications

We are working together with students and academic colleagues to create new articles on the impact of climate change.  

In May 2021, University of Birmingham students were invited to write an article (up to 2,000 words) on the theme of tackling climate change. Shortlisted entries were reviewed by a panel of judges that included: Professor Hisham Mehanna, Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor (interdisciplinary research); Alice Roberts, Professor of Public Engagement in Science; and former Environment Secretary Dame Caroline Spelman. 

The prize winners were:

  • Jack Johnson, MSci Physics, College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (First prize) - ‘The Impact of Militaries on Climate Change’
  • Fisola Kelly-Akinnuoye, BA English, College of Arts and Law (Runner-up) - ‘How can Literature tackle climate change?’
  • Matt Cockram, BA/BSc Liberal Arts & Sciences (Runner-up) - ‘6 Lessons Etymology can Teach us about Tackling Climate Change’

Shortlisted entries:

  • Lee Ollerenshaw - ‘Food for thought: How to reduce reliance on fossil fuels by utilising brownfield sites and food waste’
  • Izzy Miller - ‘Tackling climate change’
  • Adela Mullerova - ‘Tackling Climate Change in Light of the 2020 Events’
  • Francesca Hutchin - ‘Can we learn from past societies’ responses to climate change?’
  • Adam Jackson - ‘Tackling Climate Change using Nuclear Power’
  • Elena Vasiljevic - ‘Conscious Consumerism: How will the modern-day fashion industry adapt for the benefit of the planet?’
  • Rachel Venn - ‘A Tale of Two Londons’

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In September 2021, the University will publish a collection of articles from across the University exploring the reality of climate change, and what this means for people and planet.