Self-Determination and Secession across Europe and Eurasia

Building R21 on campus map, Room 417 Muirhead Tower
Tuesday 1 May 2018 (15:00-17:00)

Dr Nino Kemoklidze:


Recent developments in Spain - a vote on the political future of Catalonia in autumn 2017, as well as developments in the EU's immediate neighbourhood, such as an ongoing armed conflict in eastern Ukraine and annexation of Crimea by Russia, have once again reignited the debate about national self-determination and the right to secession.

How can the new states be formed in the twenty-first century and who has the right to independent statehood? How should the international community engage with some of Europe's unrecognised territories? This interdisciplinary panel aims to re-examine this highly contentious topic by focusing on the dynamics of self-determination (and secession) in cases ranging from Scotland, Catalonia, northern Cyprus to Transdnistria, Donbass, Crimea and Abkhazia.

This session is located in Muirhead Tower (MHT), Room 417 (4th floor) - Building R21 (Red Zone) on the Edgbaston campus map and is open to anyone interested in this subject matter - staff, students, general public.


Dr Antal Berkes (Manchester International Law Centre, University of Manchester) on Internal Self-Determination of Peoples in Recent Secessionist Conflicts.

Dr Elisenda Marcer (Department of Modern Languages, University of Birmingham) on The Case of Catalonia and its Repercussions.

Thomas de Waal (Carnegie Europe, London/Brussels) on Uncertain Territory: International Engagement with Europe’s De Facto States.

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