Associate and Honorary Staff

Associate members of CREES

Dr Adrian Campbell
Senior Lecturer (IDD)

Dr Dominique Moran 
Senior Lecturer in Human and Carceral Geography (GEES)

Dr John Round
Lecturer in Human Geography (GEES)

Dr Denis JB Shaw 
Honorary Reader in Russian Geography (GEES)

Dr Andrew Sutton
Lecturer in Health Economics (MDS)

Jelena Williams-Pozdnjakova
Russian Language Tutor (School of Languages, Cultures, Music and Art History)


Honorary members of CREES

Mr David Adshead

Professor Gregory Andrusz
Emeritus Professor at Middlesex University Honorary Research Fellow, CREES

Dr Edwin T Bacon

Dr John Barber
Honorary Research Fellow, Fellow and Lay Dean of King’s College, Cambridge

Mike Berry
Honorary Senior Research Fellow (formerly Lecturer in Russian Language for Social Scientists

Professor Mike Bradshaw

Sir Rodric Braithwaite
Honorary Professor

Professor Bob Davies

Dr Elena V Denezhkina

Dr N John Dunstan

Linda Edmonson

Professor Phil Hanson

Professor Mark Harrison
Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Professor Malcolm Hill
Professor Emeritus at Loughborough University Business School

Dr Paul Holtom
Honorary Research Fellow
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)

Professor Melanie Illic

Professor Silvana Malle

Professor D Mario Nuti

Professor Maureen Perrie

Professor Hilary A Pilkington

Mr Mike Pushkin

Dr Bettina Renz
Lecturer in International Security, School of Politics & IR, University of Nottingham

Dr Erica Richardson
Research Fellow

Professor Richard Sakwa
Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Professor of Russian and European Politics at the University of Kent

Dr John N Westwood

Professor Steve G Wheatcroft

Dr Sarah Whitmore
Honorary Research Fellow