Past events in the Centre for the Study of North America


  • 6th December - Race: A Work-in-Progress Seminar with Herjeet Marway
  • 15th November - Race: A Work-in-Progress Seminar with Courtney J. Campbell
  • 15th November - A Rope of Words: Sunset Boulevard, the talkies and the Hollywood machine
  • 30th October - Notes to Eternity
  • 27th October - Black Code
  • 25th October - Black History in the Midlands and Beyond: Connections and Context
  • 20th October - Gentlemen Revolutionaries: Power and Justice in the New American Republic
  • 18th October - Race Work-in-Progress Seminar Launch
  • 18th October - People and Pages: a showcase of local and regional poets
  • 15th June - Canadian Modernism at the present time
  • 25th-26th May - Everyday empires, trans-Imperial circulations in a multi-disciplinary perspective
  • 3rd May - 'it was love for you that set me afire': celebrating the poetry of Frank O'Hara
  • 27th February - Modern American poetry on the Arts Team Show (Burn FM)


  • 4th March - Spotted throughout with red: Canadian state surveillance and the Women's Liberation Movement, 1969-1988


  • 10th-13th April - BAAS conference 2014
  • 20th March - 'Life and Death' and the Social Action Film
  • 18th March - MA Film and Television Documentary Screenings
  • 19th February - Taster day for MA Film and Television: Research and Production
  • 19th February - Introduction to postgraduate study in the School of English, Drama and American and Canadian Studies
  • 3rd February - The Winter We Danced: The Idle No More Movement and the Future of Canada


  • 7th December - Workshop: perfecting your PhD application
  • 4th December - Pipelines and Protest in British Columbia: Aboriginal title, Wild Salmon, Jobs and Climate Change
  • 27th November - David Chariandy
  • 22nd June - Undergraduate open day
  • 21st June - Undergraduate open day
  • 20th June - Undergraduate open day
  • 1st June - Citizen Reader
  • 20th March - 'The Matter of Mood in Lewis Klahr's "Engram Sepals (Melodramas 1994-2000)"'
  • 6th March - 'Coloured Sound: Timbre, Race and Recording in American Music'
  • 27th February - 'Surf Tourism and the Imperial Encounter.'
  • 20th February - '"The Mississippi was a virgin field": Mark Twain and the rediscovery of the river, 1865-1875'
  • 6th February - 'Connecting Viewers with Content: the promotional screen industries in the digital era'
  • 23rd January - 'Icons and Outtakes in Respite (2007) and A Film Unfinished (2010)'
  • 16th January - Online chat: College of Arts and Law Scholarships 2013
  • 14th January - 'After Katrina: Race, Transnationalism, and the End of the American Century'


  • 5th December - Black Histories, White Audiences: The Federal Theatre Project's Living Newspaper
  • 28th November - The Function and Viability of Regional Cinemas: Naples, a Case Study
  • 7th November - The Future of Fatherhood in 1990s' Hollywood
  • 24th October - A Call for U.S. Leadership: Congressional Activism on Human Rights
  • 21st March - Fourth symposium: The Making of Modernity
  • 19th March - African-American painting and/or music
  • 12th March - Muslim Youth in Canada: The Rise of Religious Identities
  • 5th March - American poetics and the ethics of close reading
  • 27th February - Grand Strategy for an Era of Decline? The American Foreign Policy Debate in 2012
  • 20th February - The Double and David Cronenberg
  • 6th February - A Bit of a Love-Hate Relationship: The Role of English in Quebec Today
  • 30th January - Narratives of Intervention: Framing Covert Action and the CIA