JA Hawgood Travel Award

Thanks to the generosity of the Hawgood family, we have established the annual J A Hawgood Travel Award for American History Postgraduate Research. This annual award provides travel assistance for a postgraduate researcher to carry out research into any field of American History.

It has been set up in memory of John Arkas Hawgood (1905-1971), Professor of American History at the University of Birmingham, and was  constituted on the occasion of the centenary of his birth -- 20 November 2005. Professor J A Hawgood obtained his BA from the University College London, a D.Phil Heidelberg, a D.Litt from London, and was a Fellow of University College London.

He was Professor of Modern History (1946-1964), and later of American History (1964-1971) at the University of Birmingham.

He was the author of Modern Constitutions Since 1787 (1939; rpt. Littleton: Rothman, 1987), Citizen and Government (1947), First and Last Consul (Paolo Alto: Pacific Books, 1970), The Tragedy of German America (New York: Arno, 1970) and The American West. In the USA this book was entitled America's Western Frontiers (New York: Knopf, 1967) and won a prize from its publisher, Knopf).

He was also Editorial Director of Europa Publications

J A Hawgood


The deadline for applications is usually 12:00 noon on the last Friday in November

J A Hawgood Travel Award application form

The successful applicant will on their return from the USA need to complete a report on the progress of their research. Please direct any queries to Dr Steve Hewitt and Dr John Munro.