Postgraduate student views

Our previous postgraduate students on their experiences at Birmingham.

Enthusiasm is the word that comes to mind when I think of American and Canadian Studies. Enthusiastic staff and an enthusiastic, friendly and close-knit postgraduate community. Everybody has a genuine interest in the work of their friends and colleagues, leading to an exchange of ideas and a sense of support essential to the successful completion of postgraduate work.’ Andrew Johnstone, PhD

‘As I move into my fourth year as a postgraduate student, I wonder where the time has gone. The encouragement I received from everyone involved with  American and Canadian Studies guided me through my MPhil and propelled me towards my PhD. As the encouragement continues, initial concerns have dissipated and minor panics wash away. Whilst the emphasis to produce quality work rests squarely on my shoulders, the staff and facilities at Birmingham allow me to express myself in a way I never felt I could.
Justin Crouch, MPhil, PhD

‘As an overseas student, finances were a major factor in my decision to begin a PhD in Birmingham. However, ACS has made every effort to help my financial situation by finding work for me in teaching and working with undergraduate exchange students. These efforts by the staff made me feel welcome and valued as a student and have eased my transition into postgraduate life by taking away some of my financial concerns and allowing me to concentrate on my research.’
Elizabeth Grant, MPhil, PhD

My PhD work, analysing the inter-connections between politics and culture during the Cold War, is placed at a crossroads of academic disciplines, bringing together knowledge from fields such as political/diplomatic history, sociology and cultural studies. A general orientation towards interdisciplinary studies, an extremely effective method of supervision based on regular meetings and prompt feedback, a well organised and active postgraduate community, and a very good research library, all make American and Canadian Studies a great place for pursuing my doctoral work.
Bogdan Barbu, PhD

The reason that Birmingham stood out among the universities I had to choose from for my post-grad studies were one, the friendliness and responsiveness of the students and staff to my questions- it was really amazing and indicative of their passion- and two, the fact that in ACS I can pursue my two main interests, US foreign policy and film, together, and not have to change corridors. It’s a great place for those reasons and more.’
Michael Burns, PhD

American and Canadian Studies is very supportive of ideas and aspirations. My research into the Clinton White House has been encouraged from day one and I could not ask for better assistance in my Doctoral progress . It is also a great place to accept the mantle of responsibility. Opportunities are presented to engage in the running of numerous projects. The community of students is a central concept here and it shows in all aspects of ACS.’
James Boys, PhD