American and Canadian Studies at undergraduate level

We no longer offer standalone American and Canadian Studies undergraduate degrees at the University of Birmingham.

If you are interested in exploring American and Canadian literature, history and culture, our EnglishHistory and Politics degrees still allow you to take many optional American and Canadian modules.

Examples for 2021 starters include 'Rags and Riches: Wealth and Poverty in American Literature and Culture', 'Modern American Poetry', 'New York, New York', 'United States History' and 'The Sixties: Years of Hope, Days of Rage'.

We are confident that you will find the University of Birmingham an exciting home for your interests. The University is committed to providing a rich and high-quality programme of studies for students who want to explore American and Canadian literature, history and culture within a highly rated and research-led higher education institution.

Our field-leading Centre for the Study of North America is integral to the University, ensuring that if you choose Birmingham you will have access to a vibrant academic community that is actively engaged in American and Canadian Studies research.  You can follow them on Twitter: @ACS_brum.

Our North American studies specialists are part of the School of English, Drama and American & Canadian Studies or the Department of History. In both, you will find a wide range of dynamic courses, exciting opportunities, first-class facilities and a commitment to excellence in teaching. The Schools offer an intellectually challenging and stimulating environment for your undergraduate studies, ensuring that you are a fully supported and active learner. 

Our multidisciplinary approach, along with the possibility of living and studying or working in the US or Canada on some of our programmes, is highly appealing to potential employers.

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