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Collaborations with external organisations are an essential part of our interdisciplinary activities. Our researchers are working with a range of organisations from business and industry, the public sector, and the third sector, ensuring that fundamental and applied research at the University can be translated into real-world impact.

A person typing on a laptopThe Institute brings together the collective strengths of our academic data science and AI community. Our activities in education and research span fundamental methodological advances to applied work across areas such as transport, energy, healthcare and econometrics.

We are always keen to explore potential collaborative projects in areas of mutual interest and there are many mechanisms through which this can be supported. Opportunities include: sponsoring of a PhD student; developing a joint funding proposal; or co-supervising an MSc project.

If you’re interested in exploring the options, or would like to be kept informed of our activities, then contact us on

Current opportunities


The University of Birmingham is seeking to recruit outstanding computer scientists for the role of Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Computer Science.

To find out more, please visit the University's job pages.

Turing Data Study Groups

The Alan Turing Institute is partnering with the University of Birmingham to deliver a Turing Data Study Group (DSG) in summer 2021. These intensive, collaborative hackathons bring together organisations (Challenge Owners) from industry with talented, multi-disciplinary researchers from academia. The Challenge Owners provide real-world problems and datasets to be tackled by carefully selected researchers who brainstorm and engineer data science solutions and present their work at the end of the study group.

Call for DSG Research Participants

We are seeking data scientists to participate in our 2021 DSG. The challenge focus doesn't need to match your research area; as long as you understand the research techniques to be used and are open to experimenting with different approaches, the DSG will be a fantastic opportunity to develop your data science skills using real-world data. You'll also forge new networks for future research projects while building links within The Alan Turing Institute, its university partner network, and industry. PhDs, postdocs, those with equivalent non-traditional qualifications/experience and other early career researchers are encouraged to apply.

To find out more and to apply, click here.

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