The Cold Economy or "the value of storing an absence of energy" 

Professor Toby Peters, Founder, Dearman Engine Company and Visiting Professor in Power and Cold Economy, University of Birmingham 

Wednesday 19 October 2016, 17:15 - 18:00 (followed by drinks reception)
Lecture Theatre 124, Chemical Engineering Building 
University of Birmingham 

The Birmingham Energy Institute is delighted to invite you to attend a Distinguished Lecture on ‘The Cold Economy’, delivered by Toby Peters, Founder of Dearman and Visiting Professor in Power and Cold Economy at the University of Birmingham.

Toby Peters is at the forefront of the development and commercialisation of "Cleantech".  In particular, technology that utilises liquid air as a cost-effective energy storage solution, which can be used to deliver sustainable, zero emission cold and power in both transport and the built environment.

Cold has generally been overlooked in debates about energy, but that is changing as decision makers wake up to the scale of future global demand for cooling.  Increased use of cooling in transport, in medicine, in data, and particularly to prevent post-harvest food loss, will bring substantial benefits. However, unless cold is delivered sustainably then it will also bring substantial environmental consequences.

Dearman is at the heart of a new ‘clean cold’ industry and companies like this, supported by world class academic institutions, are driving a new “cold economy” which could bring thousands of jobs to the UK and provide significant economic and environmental benefits.

The lecture will explore the cold economy and the role and challenges of delivering disruptive innovation as a start-up company, with opportunity to engage in the discussion.

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