About us

The Birmingham Centre for Energy Storage (BCES) convenes researchers from across the University of Birmingham to drive innovation from the laboratory to market. Established in 2013 with a £12 million investment from UK industry and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), the Centre has grown significantly over the past seven years.

Today we are leading the Supergen Energy Storage Network+, a partnership between 12 institutions in the UK, focused on creating and sharing expertise on energy storage. As a Centre, we are currently involved in over twenty international research projects and thirty national research projects with a combined value of £90m.


Professor Yulong Ding Director (Birmingham Centre for Energy Storage)

Professor Emma Kendrick 


Co-Director (Birmingham Centre for Energy Storage) 
Professor Peter Raymond Slater Co-Director (Birmingham Centre for Energy Storage)
Dr Jonathan Radcliffe Co-Director and Centre for Low Carbon Futures Programme Director
Professor Xiao-Ping Zhang Co-Director (Grid Integration)
Adriano Sciacovelli

Adriano Sciacovelli

Thermal Mechanical Research Group Lead

Dr Grant Wilson

Energy Data Analytics Group Lead 

Dr Yongliang Li 

Li Research Group Lead