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Strength in Common: A Just Transition and Recovery in a Post-COVID World, July 2021 

Strength in Common Report CoverThe Birmingham Energy Institute has partnered with Places in Common to produce a report that explores how we can harness the assets of East Birmingham and connect communities to deliver the system change needed to drive net zero, economic resilience and recovery in a post-COVID world.

Strength in Common: A Just Transition and Recovery in a Post-COVID World (PDF - 53MB)



Hydrogen as a component of City Development report, March 2020

Hydrogen as a component of City Development report cover

The Hydrogen as a component of City Development report estimates that green hydrogen can be competitive with diesel (for transport) at a utilisation factor of 50% and at an average cost per megawatt/hour of between £35 and £55 (dependent on electrolysis technology used).

The study found there are some strong cases for the acceleration of hydrogen-based infrastructure in cities and explored different ways to increase the amount of hydrogen being developed at Tyseley Energy Park.

Hydrogen as a component of City Development report (PDF - 7.4MB)

Digital Manufacturing for Cleantech report, December 2019

Digital Manufacturing for Cleantech Report CoverThis study, conducted by the University of Birmingham as part of the Climate-KIC initiative, explores the opportunity presented by the Smart Manufacturing Accelerator (SMA) project and recommends next steps to maximize the benefits for clean energy innovators.

Digital Manufacturing for Cleantech report (PDF - 2.8MB)




ConnectedClusters report, August 2019

ConnectedClusters Report CoverThe ConnectedClusters project is at the start of an ambitious journey to discover how to unlock climate innovation whilst delivering renewal and clean growth in communities across Europe.

A ConnectedCluster offers a concentration of resources, expertise and initiatives that will help meet the Paris climate targets while also reaping social and economic benefits that come with the development and delivery of cleantech solutions

Our researchers and partners assessed five dynamic, city region-based climate innovation clusters where businesses, academics, communities and government work together to deliver low-carbon innovation.

ConnectedClusters report (PDF - 5.6MB)

Power to the People report, June 2019

Power to the People Report CoverPower to the People, produced in partnership with Birmingham City Councillor, Lisa Trickett, and Kingscote, sets out three scenarios that can build upon the established assets and planned developments of the East Birmingham and North Solihull Inclusive Growth corridor.

The recommendations within this report are to establish a co-ordinated, systematic approach to climate innovation in Birmingham, addressing issues such as fuel poverty, energy security, decarbonisation and air quality.

Power to the People report (PDF - 1.6MB)