Other Energy Research Activity

The energy research activity at Birmingham is not limited to the focused areas of our research centres. Researchers at the university are also contributing to energy research by a wide range of activity in other energy related topics. 


Researchers at Birmingham are looking at how to use our limited reserve of Oil and Gas in the most safe and efficient way, covering aspects of exploration, recovery, use and consequences.

The role of Bioenergy in our future energy feedstock is another area that researchers at Birmingham are looking at. Exploring creatively the different sources of biofuel and their processing to usable forms in our energy systems.

Being the UK's largest contributor for the renewable energy sector, Wind Energy is an important area of focus. Research in the School of Civil Engineering is focused on the structures and infrastructure to support the technology.

Birmingham is known for its strong research in material sciences. New materials for energy storage, nuclear industry, and other energy applications are explored by our researchers.

And with all the various systems introduced to the energy market, the assessment of their effect on the environment is essential. Researchers are looking at the short and long term environmental effect of the increase in energy generation and demand.