oak leaves

Our academics conduct research on the pests and pathogens that destroy food crops and dramatically reduce essential food supplies. They also research the response of plants and in particular food crops and trees from environmental conditions both natural and man-made. The impact of which can in turn influence legislation on both a local and potentially global level and sustain the wellbeing of our planet and global population going forward.

Prior to opening the facility has supported capture of a £0.56m grant entitled ‘Resistance strategies of oak trees in the arms race with pathogens’ from the JABBS Foundation (as part of the Action Oak initiative) examining Oak tree defences from pests and pathogens.  

Below is a section of recent publications from University of Birmingham researchers linked to the research themes explored at the facility. 

"Oxygen-dependent proteolysis regulates the stability of angiosperm Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 subunit VERNALIZATION 2Gibbs DJ*, Tedds HM, Labandera A-M, Bailey M, White MD, Hartman S, Sprigg C, Mogg SL, Osborne R, Dambire C, Boeckx T, Paling Z, Voesenek LACJ, Flashman E, Holdsworth MJ* (2018) . Nature Communications. 9:5438 DOI:10.1038/s41467-018-07875-7 *Corresponding authors

"Catalase, glutathione, and protein phosphatase 2A‐dependent organellar redox signalling regulate aphid fecundity under moderate and high irradiance" Brwa Rasool Barbara Karpinska Jesús Pascual Saijaliisa Kangasjärvi Christine H. Foyer First published: 08 November 2019

"Systemic Root-Shoot Signaling Drives Jasmonate-Based Root Defense against Nematodes" GuotingWang16ChaoyiHu16JieZhou126YaLiu3JiaxingCai1CaizhePan1YuWang1XiaodanWu4KaiShi1XiaojianXia1YanhongZhou1Christine H.Foyer5JingquanYu17

"Mobilization of Pack-CACTA transposons in Arabidopsis suggests the mechanism of gene shuffling" Marco Catoni, Thomas Jonesman, Elisa Cerruti, Jerzy Paszkowski Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 47, Issue 3, 20 February 2019, Pages 1311–1320,

"Final grain weight in wheat is not strongly influenced by sugar levels or activities of key starch synthesising enzymes during grain filling." Fahy B, Siddiqui H, David LC, Powers SJ, Borrill P, Uauy C, and Smith AM. (2018).  Journal of Experimental Botany. ery314,

"Plant pathogen effector proteins as manipulators of host microbiomes?" Snelders, N. C., Kettles, G. J., Rudd, J. J. & Thomma, B. P. H. J. Mol. Plant Pathol. 19, 257–259 (2018). 

"Long-lasting β-aminobutyric acid-induced resistance protects tomato fruit against Botrytis cinerea." Samuel W Wilkinson, Victoria Pastor, Sam Paplauskas, Pierre Petriacq and Estrella Luna, 2018.Plant Pathology. 67: 30-41  

"Effects of green seaweed extract on Arabidopsis early development suggest roles for hormone signalling in plant responses to algal fertilisers." Fatemeh Ghaderiardakani, Ellen Collas, Deborah Kohn Damiano, Katherine Tagg, Neil S. Graham, Juliet C. CoatesScientific Reports(2019)9: 1983.

It is requested that when articles are submitted for publication acknowledgement of the “Wolfson Advanced Glasshouse” is included.