Bioengineering is a growing, technology-driven focus at the interface of engineering, medicine and the life sciences. Bioengineering is helping to secure the health of future generations. We have extended life expectation but there is no proportionate improvement in the quality of life to match the longer life-span. This has led to a rapid increase in the amount of research undertaken to develop new healthcare technologies.

Our interdisciplinary researchers at the University of Birmingham are working with doctors, clinicians and industry to advance bone structures and tissue regeneration, find new methods of detecting brain injuries and cancers early,  and develop innovative, bespoke prosthetic devices.

Regenerative medicine

Professor Liam Grover discusses how his research is finding new and better ways to regenerate the body.

Early detection

An early diagnosis of brain injuries and cancer can give patients a better chance of full functional recovery.

Microbial Bioprocessing Group

The Microbial Bioprocessing Group, led by Dr Tim Overton, Senior Lecturer in Biochemical Engineering are researching the fundamental science of model organisms to the biochemical and biophysical analysis of microbial components to tackle global healthcare challenges.

For more information on bioengineering research, please contact:

Professor Liam Grover
Director of the Healthcare Technologies Institute (HTI)
+44 (0) 121 371 8544
PA: Emma Lardner