Annual conference 2018

GCfE 12th Annual Conference

Transitions, Transactions, Translations: Europe on the threshold

10-11 May 2018, University of Birmingham

Europe has always been a continent in constant change. Leading to 2020, it will be undergoing further dramatic transformations. Indeed, Europe and the European Union are in the midst of a historic reshaping. On the political scene, several recent events will change the face of Europe. With transitions such as Brexit, as well as other cries for independence echoing in the distance, how will Europe tackle and resolve tensions while preserving its unity? How will this affect political relationships and cultural exchange within Europe? Will there be more transactions between the peripheries? 

Europe’s relations with the wider world are also currently at stake. The refugee crisis will see the relocation of thousands of people to Europe. This challenge will create a renewed need for translation and transnational exchanges. Furthermore, Europe’s historic partnership with the USA is being undermined, not least by Donald Trump’s protectionist politics. How will positions like this affect transactions between Europe and the rest of the world?

The conference wishes to address questions such as: How has Europe approached transitional periods in the past and dealt with subsequent (r)evolutions? What is in store for Europe and the EU? How will Europe’s relations with the rest of the world unfold?

We invite contributions from disciplines such as Political Sciences, Economics, Arts, History, European Studies, Languages, Translation Studies, Environmental Sciences, etc. Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Transitions: accession to/succession from Europe, economic reforms, climate change (e.g. Paris Agreement, carbon transition), refugee crisis, separatism (e.g. Catalonia), technological and artistic innovation, political integration, etc.
  • Transactions:  trade (e.g. CETA, TTIP), tariffs, advertising, cultural capital, exchange of human capital, knowledge transfer, investments, etc.
  • Translations: mobility, linguistic and cultural translations, influx of narratives from the outside (e.g. Russian propaganda), ideology, transnational communication and infrastructure, currency, etc. 

As a Centre run by a steering committee of postgraduates, we particularly encourage postgraduates and early career researchers to apply. A number of bursaries will be available to assist with travel and accommodation expenses. If you would like to present at the conference, please send an abstract of 200-300 words, along with your contact details and a brief biographical note, to: by 19 January 2018.