Annual conference

16th Annual Conference (online) Programme

(All times are BST)

Thursday 19 May – Friday 20 May 2022

Decolonising Europe: The Visible and the Invisible

Day 1: Thursday 19 May 

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10:30-11:00 - Welcome & Opening: Frankie Morgan and Thomas Wood

11:00-12:00 - Panel A - Chair: Thomas Wood

  • Emma Bridger (University of Birmingham) - The Legacy Continues: Decolonising a Christian Mission Agency
  •  Amadeo Szpiga (International Institute for the Sociology of Law/University of the Basque Country) - The (Im)Possibility of Decolonising Law: A Genealogy of Law as a Colonial Dispositif And Counter-Hegemonic Potentialities

12:00-13:30 -  Lunch break

13:30-15:00 - Panel B - Chair: Dr Thomas Brodie 

  • Daphné Budasz (European University Institute) - Postcolonial Italy: Reflexion on the Mapping of Colonial Heritage 
  •  Florian Helfer (University of Bonn) - Colonial Wars in Postcolonial Memory: The Herero and Nama Genocide (1904–1908) and the Mau Mau Uprising (1952–1957) in the German and British Press (1989–2019)
  • Doron Eldar (Uppsala University) - Narrating Slavery in the Big House called Europe

15:00-15:30 - (Bring your own) coffee and tea break

15:30-16:30 -  Plenary session: Dr Berny Sèbe – Decolonising Europe? Researching and Understanding Popular Responses to the End of Empire. Chair: Dr Thomas Brodie 

16:30 - End of Day 1 

Day 2: Friday 20 May

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10:00-12:00 -  Panel C: Decolonising Europe in African Literatures and Politics - Chair: Marie Allègre

  • Amina Zarzi (University of Birmingham) - Decolonising or Perpetuating the European Perception of the Sahara Desert as a Terrae Incognita in African Novels?
  • Ninon Vessier (Emory University) - Decolonization and Ecological resistance: Reading Tchicaya U Tam’si  
  • Dooshima Lilian DUGGUH (University of Birmingham) - Decolonising European Presence in African Politics: Understanding Youth Uprising in Francophone Africa
  • Sourour SALHI (University of Birmingham) - The Reconciliation with the Past: Appeasing the Future of Postcolonial Nations in Bleu Blanc Vert and Americanah

12:00-13:30 -  Lunch break

13:30-14:30 - Panel D - Chair: Imran Hashmi 

  • Edward Marsden (University of Birmingham) - Hacking the Shadow Archives 
  • Katie Unnithan (University of Birmingham) - An Intersectional Evaluation of Rural Racism: How do white people in rural Britain conceptualise race and racism?

14:30-15:00 - (Bring your own) coffee and tea break  

15:00-16:00 Keynote: Professor Sunny Singh – Title TBC - Chair: Frankie Morgan

16:00-16:15 - Closing: Frankie Morgan and Thomas Wood

End of the Conference

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