Environmental Pollution Solutions

The Lancet’s Commission on pollution and health [Oct 2017] reported that 9.19m premature deaths (16% of global total) in 2015 were pollution-related, with 92% occurring in Low and Middle Income Countries. As Low and Middle Income Countries continue to develop, the challenge of how we decouple economic advancement from environmental degradation becomes of increasing importance.

While significant effort is currently devoted to understanding exposure to and impacts of environmental pollutants, less effort is focussed on development and implementation of strategies for prevention, mitigation and remediation of environmental pollutants.

The IGI Environmental Pollution Solutions theme is developing a compressive toolbox of pollution prevention, mitigation and remediation approaches, integrating technological and infrastructural solutions, economic, regulatory and public health policy instruments, and social and behavioural change. Our solutions focus on pollution detection, quantification, reduction, remediation and reuse and the means to incentivise and economise sustainable growth strategies within a circular economy that reduces the burden of pollution experienced by lower socioeconomic groups worldwide.

Led by Professor Iseult Lynch