The Illusion of Grandeur: Trust and Belief in Cultural Heritage Linked Open Data

The first in a series of series of lectures on the theme of 'Trust and Authority in the Digital Age' from the UoB/Trinity College Dublin Digital research partnership was given by Rob Sanderson, Yale University.

The series addressed one of the key central questions in the digital world: how can we know whom and what to trust when there is so much information available? Our distinguished speakers will address this theme from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.

The rich and real promise of Linked Open Data in the cultural heritage domain is as the foundation of a knowledge ecosystem where institutions and individuals can share information to be used by a variety of engaging applications. For that promise to be realized with full attention to inclusivity, we must also have an understanding of the principles and mechanics by which different, diverse actors in the ecosystem trust each other to have truly symbiotic relationships, rather than merely plundering and monetizing others’ work. This presentation will explore the question of trust in a digital, distributed age across three interrelated aspects: how do we trust that the institution said it; how do we trust what they said is correct; and how do we trust that our interpretation is what was intended?