Second State Responsibilities Research Workshop

Friday 25 October 2019 (09:30-16:30)

Please note - this event has been cancelled for October 2019. The event will be re-arranged for Spring 2020. 

Professor Nicholas Wheeler is hosting the 2nd State Responsibilities Research Workshop, which seeks to re-evaluate the importance of the state in processes of globalisation and fragmentation through the lenses of international responsibilities.

The workshop enquires how we can understand state responsibilities at the intersection of five non-territorial challenges: (i) nuclear weapons; (ii) climate change and sustainable development; (iii) migration, borders and refugees; (iv) trade politics and protectionism; and (v) the effects of populism. The workshop aims to examine whether a broader understanding of responsibility is possible across these challenges, and whether international responsibilities and domestic responsibilities on the part of the state can be aligned.

The workshop also asks how states are positioned at the intersections of the five challenges, whether we can identify state synthetic vision or state trade-offs, and what constitutes a responsible state in the difficult terrain of these intersections

Workshop Schedule

09.30 – 09.45:
Introduction (RB and CE)

  • Method of the workshop
  • Rationale behind coupling the five challenges, whilst securing general participation by all groups on all items of discussion
  • Research grant strategy

09.45 – 11.15:
Session 1: Climate change and sustainable development / trade politics and protectionism

11.45 – 13.15:
Session 2: Populism and illiberal politics / migration, borders and refugees

14.15 – 15.45:
Session 3: Nuclear weapons

16.00 – 16.30:

  • Visible note taking on whiteboard by RB and CE
  • Summarising of the three discussions
  • Re-addressing the central research question
  • Exit comments by RB and CE on AHRC grant

About the speakers

Professor Richard Beardsworth is presently the EH Carr chair in International Politics, Head of the Department of International Politics at Aberystwyth University, UK, and Research Associate at the Institut des Etudes Politiques (SciPo), Paris. He moves to the Head of School of POLIS, Leeds University from September 1st.  His interests lie in global politics, statecraft and long-term policy-formation regarding global challenges. His recent publications rehearse a Weberian and republican account of ethical responsibility towards global challenges that re-aligns national interests and duties, on the hand, and global interests and responsibilities, on the other. His co-edited book (with G. W. Brown and R. Shapcott) The State and Cosmopolitan Responsibility was published in March 2019 with Oxford University Press. 

Dr Charalampos Efstathopoulos is Lecturer in International Politics at Aberystwyth University, Wales, UK. His research focuses on Southern middle powers, trade politics, international leadership, and Indian and South African foreign policy. He is the author of Middle Powers in World Trade Diplomacy: India, South Africa and the Doha Development Agenda (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015), and his work has been published in Global Society, PolitikonInternational Politics and Third World Quarterly

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