Third Annual UK Political Psychology Conference

Online event - Zoom
Monday 11 January (08:00) - Friday 15 January 2021 (17:00)

If you have any questions about this event, please contact a member of the organising committee. For ICCS International Political Psychology, please contact


The 3rd Annual UK Political Psychology Conference gathers scholars at all career stages to analyse the big political questions of the day. 

Registration is now open for the 3rd Annual UK Political Psychology Conference, which is organised by four political psychology research groups: The Political Psychology specialist group of the Political Studies Association, the Political Psychology section of the British Psychological Society, the ECPR Political Psychology Standing Group, and the International Political Psychology research group of the Institute for Conflict Cooperation and Security.

The organising committee comprises Donatella Bonansinga (University of Birmingham), Dr Tereza Capelos (University of Birmingham), Dr Raynee Gutting (University of Essex), Dr Todd Hartman (University of Sheffield), Dr Kesi Mahendran (Open University), Dr Ben Seyd (University of Kent), Dr James Weinberg (University of Sheffield), and Dr Ashley Weinberg (University of Salford).   

This conference brings together a selection of leading and emerging academics in the field of Political Psychology from around the UK and beyond. Across one week, eight substantive panels, one methods workshop and a keynote-led roundtable, delegates will be discussing their latest research into enduring and contemporary political problems and phenomena. The organising committee would like to welcome anyone to attend this conference who is interested in the psychology of politics and politicians; studying politics and/or psychology at any level; or working in a cognate field. The conference is entirely free to attend. 

This conference will run across one week from the 11th to the 15th January. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the conference will take place virtually using a blended combination of asynchronous and live events. In the first instance, all panel presentations will be pre-recorded and available to delegates throughout the week on a private online site. There will then be two live Zoom events per day in which panellists respond to a discussant, debate each other's presentations, and take questions from the audience. Delegates will be provided with full details of these live events as well as instructions to access presentations on the Friday before the conference commences. 

Featured Panels

  • Political Attitudes and Ideology (Chair: Dr Raynee Gutting, University of Essex)
  • Populism and the People (Chair: Dr Kesi Mahendran, Open University)
  • Beliefs and Policy Support(Chair: Dr Raynee Gutting, University of Essex)
  • Political elites and leadership (Chair: Dr James Weinberg, University of Sheffield)
  • Political Psychology of Conflict (Chair: Dr Tereza Capelos, University of Birmingham)
  • Governance (Chair: Dr Ben Seyd, University of Kent)
  • Psychology of Inequalities (Chair: Dr Ashley Weinberg, University of Salford)
  • Emotions (Chair: Donatella Bonansinga, University of Birmingham)
  • Workshop: Methods in Political Psychology  (Chair: Dr Todd Hartman, University of Sheffield)
  • Roundtable keynote: Beyond the pandemic – How can political psychology support effective political leadership? (Speaker: Professor Jason Reifler, University of Exeter)

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