Alumni Profile: Hannah Keogh

Hannah Keogh

I am Hannah Keogh, a recent graduate from the MSc Global Co-operation and Security course with the ICCS. Before taking this course I studied History and Political Science at the University of Birmingham. I have always had a keen interest in modern history and how it interplays with current affairs and politics.  I chose to pursue this course as I was particularly interested in the dynamics of the global nuclear age and how this shapes state interaction.  In my spare time I am a keen long distance runner and an amateur painter.

What aspects of the course did you enjoy most?

I really enjoyed studying under the real leaders in my field, seeing their work unfold and helping explore concepts and theories which were really in their early stages of development.  The course was  assessed in a varied way, without too much emphasis on exams, which I believe allowed me to strengthen skills which would be more useful professionally.  This was particularly the case with the training course module, which taught mediation skills which were really transferable to other environments as well as international relations.

What are you doing now?

I currently work for a local Member of Parliament as Junior Caseworker, however I have handed in my notice and intend to launch a career in recruitment starting this September.

How has the degree helped in your career so far?

My current job involves a lot of written work on foreign policy, and it really helps that I have a strong understanding of the global scene and how states work together as part of that. In general, the course has really improved my written work, my ability to critique and my negotiation skills. Going forward, I am sure that the mediation skills taught in the training course will really feed into my ability to liaise between different, and sometimes adversary, parties.  Finally, I intend to stay in contact with those I met in the course and I am confident that the friends and colleagues I have worked with will be lifelong connections, both socially and professionally.

Where do you hope to be in five years' time?

I hope to move to London once I have found an appropriate opportunity in foreign policy or affairs. I intend also to pursue further study at some point, once I have formed a more extensive base of knowledge and experience. I think that this course has really allowed me to build skills which can be used anywhere, and I hope that I will find a career in my field at some point in the near future.


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