Publications in European Law

Publications of IEL members include monographs, edited collections, book chapters, long reviewed articles, shorter articles and case notes.

These are mainly written in English but also include publications in Bosnian, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Moreover, group members have been involved in studies for the European Commission, the European Defence Agency, the OECD, and a number of national governments.

Publications are mainly dealing with European Union law but also with the national laws of EU Member States, most notably France, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

Professor Anthony Arnull

  • Continuity and Change in EU Law: Essays in Honour of Sir Francis Jacobs (ed, with P Eeckhout and T Tridimas) (OUP, 2008), 461 pp. + tables and index.
  • A Constitutional Order of States? Essays in EU Law in Honour of Alan Dashwood (ed, with C Barnard, M Dougan and E Spaventa) (Hart, 2011), 620 pp. + tables and index.
  • The Law Lords and the European Union: swimming with the incoming tide (2010) 35 European Law Review 57-87. This article attracted the sixth highest number of hits out of all European Law Review articles accessed via Westlaw UK in 2011.
  • The Principle of Effective Judicial Protection in EU Law: An Unruly Horse? (2011) 36 European Law Review 51-70. This article attracted the fifth highest number of hits out of all European Law Review articles accessed via Westlaw UK in 2011.
  • Judicial Activism and the Court of Justice: How Should Academics Respond? Maastricht Faculty of Law Working Paper No 2012-3 (17 January 2012). Also available at SSRN. Listed on SSRN's Top Ten download list for: Rule of Law; The Judiciary & Judicial Process; Judicial Decisionmaking; International Law: Rule-Making & Rule Interpretation - International Courts; International Courts & Adjudication.
  • Judicial dialogue in the European Union, in J Dickson and P Eleftheriadis (eds), Philosophical Foundations of European Union Law (OUP, 2012), 109-133.

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Sophie Boyron

  • The Constitution of France: A contextual analysis in ‘the constitutional systems of the world’ series, Hart Publishing, 2012
  • (with Wendy Lacey) ‘Procedural fairness generally’ in Handbook of constitutional law ed by. Prof. Tushnet, Prof. Fleiner & Prof. Saunders, Routledge, 2012
  • ‘France’ in How constitutions change: a comparative study ed. by Prof. Carlo Fusaro & Prof. Dawn Oliver, Hart publishing, 2011, 115-142
  • (with Anne Davies) ‘Accountability and public contracts’ in Comparative law on Public Contracts, ed. by Prof. Rozen Noguellou & Prof. Ulrich Stelkens, Bruylant, 2010, 209-230
  • ‘The ‘new’ French constitution and the European union’ (2008-9) 11 CYELS 321-351
  • ‘The public-private divide and the law of Government contracts: assessing the limits of a comparative effort’ in The public/private divide : potential for transformation ?, ed by Prof. Andrew Le Sueur & Prof. Matthias Ruffert, BIICL, 2008, 221-244.
  • ‘Regards comparatistes sur la contractualisation de la justice: l'exemple de la médiation en droit public comparé’ in La contractualisation de la production normative, ed. by Prof David Hiez & Sandrine Chassagnard-Pinet, collection Thèmes et commentaires, Dalloz, 2008, 265-279.

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Dr Aleksandra Cavoski

  • Aleksandra Cavoski, “Revisiting the Convention on Nuclear Safety: Lessons Learned from the Fukushima Accident”, Asian Journal of International Law, Cambridge University Press, January 2013, pp. 1-27;
  • Aleksandra Cavoski, “Transposition of Acquis – Challenges and Difficulties Facing the Serbian Administration”, European Review of Public Law/Revue Européenne de Droit Public, Vol. 22. No. 4 winter/hiver  Annual Review 2010, pp. 1179-1197;
  • Aleksandra Cavoski, “Further Reforms o the Path to European Integration: Streamlining Public Administration?”, European Review of Public Law/Revue Européenne de Droit Public, Vol. 21. No. 4, winter/hiver Annual Review 2009, pp. 1705-1723;
  • Beširevic, V and Cavoski, A, “Administration without Frontiers? Serbian Migration Law and Policy from the European Perspectives”, European Review of Public Law/Revue Européenne de Droit Public, Vol. 21. No. 1 spring/printemps Annual Review 2009, pp. 462-503;
  • Aleksandra Cavoski and Mario Reljanovic, The Creation of EU Criminal Law, Association of Prosecutors and Deputy Prosecutors of Serbia, Belgrade 2011;
  • Aleksandra Cavoski and Mario Reljanovic Justice and Home Affairs in the EU, Faculty of Law, Union University and Sluzbeni glasnik, Belgrade 2009.

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Dr Gulara Guliyeva

  • 'The EU and the Protection of Minority Rights: A Functional Approach' in Krzysztof Drzewicki (ed.) 5th Warsaw Seminar on Human Rights (KONTRAST, 2012), 96-113
  • 'Kosovo's independence: re-examining the principles established by the EC Badinter Commission in light of the ICJ's Advisory Opinion' in James Summers (ed.) Kosovo: A Precedent? The Declaration of Independence, the Advisory Opinion and Implications for Statehood, Self-Determination and Minority Rights (Brill, Leiden forthcoming 2011) 279-302
  • 'Denial of Citizenship to National Minorities in Latvia: Past, Present, and Future' in R. Ganis (ed.) Displacement and Belonging in the Contemporary World (European Studies Research Institute, Salford 2008) 129-146
  • 'Democratization and Rule of Law in Azerbaijan: Europe's relevance' in C.Waters (ed.) The State of Law in the South Caucasus (Palgrave Macmillan, Hampshire 2005) 41-58 
  • 'Education, Languages and Linguistic Minorities in the EU: Challenges and Perspective' (forthcoming 2013) 19(2) European Law Journal
  • 'Defining the Indefinable: A Definition of 'Minority' in EU Law' (2012) 9 European Yearbook of Minority Issues 179-210
  • 'Collective rights of minorities: Exploring a normative basis for internal and external self-determination' (2011) Europa Ethnica 50-58
  • 'Minority groups and litigation: A review of developments in international and regional jurisprudence' (co-authored with Mauro Barelli, Stefania Errico and Gaetano Pentassuglia) (Minority Rights Group, 2011) 5-29
  • 'Joining Forces or Reinventing the Wheel? The EU and the protection of national minorities' in G. Guliyeva & G. Pentassuglia (eds), 'Minority Groups Across Legal Settings: Global and Regional Dimensions' (Special Issue) (2010) 17(2) International Journal on Minority and Group Rights 287-305
  • Editorial (with Dr Gaetano Pentassuglia) in G. Guliyeva & G. Pentassuglia (eds), 'Minority Groups Across Legal Settings: Global and Regional Dimensions' (Special Issue) (2010) 17(2) International Journal on Minority and Group Rights 211-213
  • 'Lost in Transition: Russian-speaking non-citizens in Latvia and the protection of minority rights in the European Union' (2008) 33 European Law Review 843-869

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Dr Julian Lonbay

  • “The changing regulatory environment Affecting the education and Training of Europe’s lawyers” (2012) 61 Journal of Legal Education 231-23
  • “The Education, Licensing, and Training of Lawyers in the European Union, Part II:The Emerging Common Qualifications Regime and its Implications for Admissions in Europe” (2010) 79 Bar Examiner 25
  • "Assessing the European Market for Legal Services: Development in the Free Movement of lawyers in the European Union" (2010) 33 Fordham International Law Journal pp.1629
  • A European qualification framework for social sciences: how does law fit in? - Julian Lonbay discusses progress made in developing an overall qualifications framework for legal education in Europe (2009) 19 Directions Legal Education pp.6-8
  • “The CCBE and ELFA projects on internationalising legal education in Europe” (2008) 26(4) Penn State International Law Review pp. 889-898
  • “The education licensing, and training of lawyers in the European Union, Part 1 Cross border practice in the Member States” The Bar Examiner (2008) Vol. 77 Issue Number 4, pp 6-17
  • "The CCBE and ELFA projects on internationalising legal education in Europe” Penn State International Law Review (2008) Vol. 26 Issue number 4, pp. 889-898
  • "Tuning Legal Studies in Europe: Initial Findings" with others: Tom Latrup Pederson (Aarhus), Michiel van de Kasteelen (Utrecht), Anne Pelissier (Strasbourg), Jacek Petzel (Warsaw), John Bell (Cambridge), Lars Skjold Wilhelmsen (Bergen), Julia Gonzales (Deusto) and Robert Wagenaar (Groningen) 82pp (2009)

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Dr Luca Rubini

  • 2013. “Subsidies for Emissions Migations in WTO Law”in Geert Van Calster, Wim Vanderberghen, Denise Prévost (eds) Research Handbook on Environment, Health, and the WTO (Edward Elgar, forthcoming) (30,000 words) (compiling the most recent work on green subsidies)
  • 2012. “Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More. Subsidies for Renewable Energy, the SCM Agreement, Policy Space and Law Reform”, Journal of International Economic Law (Volume 15(2)) 525-579 based on ‘The Subsidization of Renewable Energy etc’ (see below)
  • 2012. “Who’ll Stop the Rain? Allocating Emission Allowances for Free: Environmental Policy, Economics, and WTO Subsidy Law” (with Ingrid Jegou), Transnational Environmental Law (Volume 1(2) 325-354 based on ‘The allocation of emissions allowances etc’ (see below)
  • 2011. The Allocation of Emission Allowances Free of Charge: Legal and Economic Considerations(with Ingrid Jegou) International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD), Issue Paper 14/2011, Programme on Competitiveness and Sustainable Development, Geneva, August 2011 (with Ingrid Jegou) xi + 62 pp.
  • 2011. The Subsidization of Renewable Energy in the WTO: Issues and Perspectives, NCCR Working Paper 2011/32, June 2011, 48 pp.
  • 2010. Microsoft on Trial: Legal and Economic Analysis of a Transatlantic Antitrust Case(Edward Elgar) (edited) 552 pp + xxviii
  • 2010. “Climate Change and International Law: Exploring the Linkages between Human Rights, Environment, Trade and Investment”, German Yearbook of International Law (with other authors) 2010, Volume 53, 139-188
  • 2010. Towards a WTO Framework Agreement on Trade in Energy (with other authors), SSRN, 6th July 2010
  • 2009. The Definition of Subsidy and State Aid: WTO and EC Law in Comparative Perspective (Oxford University Press) 496 pp + xlvi
  • 2009. “The Elusive Frontier: Regulation under State Aid Rules” (2009) European State Aid Law Quarterly 277-298
  • 2008. Investment Subsidies for Cross-Border M&A: Trends and Policy Implications, United States Council for International Business Foundation, New York, 2008 (with Gary Hufbauer and Thomas Moll) 21 pp.

Further publications on Dr Rubini's profile.

Professor Martin Trybus

  • M. Trybus and L. Rubini (eds.), The Treaty of Lisbon and the Future of European Law and Policy (Edward Elgar: Cheltenham, 2012), XLVII + 506 pp
  • R. Caranta and M. Trybus (eds.), The Law of Green and Social Procurement in Europe (Djøf Publishing: Copenhagen, 2010) 331 pp
  • M. Trybus, “The hidden Remedies Directive: review and remedies under the EU Defence and Security Remedies Directive”, forthcoming in (2013) 22 Public Procurement Law Review
  • M. Trybus, “The tailor-made EU Defence and Security Procurement Directive: limitation, flexibility, description, and substitution” (2013) 39 European Law Review 3-29
  • M. Trybus (with Almuth Berger), “The Transposition of the Services Directive in the United Kingdom”, in U. Stelkens, W. Weiß, M. Mirschberger (eds.), The Implementation of the Services Directive – Transposition, Problems, and Strategies (T. M. C. Asser Press: The Hague, 2012) 633-65  
  • M. Trybus, “Großbritannien” in C. Baldus, T. Finkenhauer, Bologna und des Rechtsstudium (Mohr Siebeck: Tübingen, 2011) 77-96
  • M. Trybus, “An Overview of the United Kingdom Public Procurement Review and Remedies System with an Emphasis on England and Wales” in F. Lichère and S. Treumer (eds.), Enforcement of EU Public Procurement Rules (Djøf Publishing: Copenhagen, 2011) 201-234
  • M. Trybus, “Sustainability and Value for Money: Social and Environmental Considerations in United Kingdom Public Procurement Law” in R. Caranta and M. Trybus (eds.), Social and Environmental Objectives in European Public Procurement Laws (Djøf Publishing: Copenhagen, 2010) 259-297
  • M. Trybus, “Public procurement in European Union internal market law”, in R. Nogouellou and U. Stelkens (eds.) Comparative Law on Public Contracts Treatise (Bruylant: Brussels, 2010) 81-121
  • M. Trybus (with Paul Craig), “Public contracts: England and Wales” in R. Nogouellou and U. Stelkens (eds.) Comparative Law on Public Contracts Treatise (Bruylant: Brussels, 2010), 339-366, as working paper:
  • M. Trybus, “From the indivisible Crown to Teckal: the in-house provision of works and services in the United Kingdom” in M. Comba and S. Treumer (ed.) The In-House Providing in European Law (Djøf Publishing: Copenhagen, 2010) 187-211
  • M. Trybus (with T. Medina), “La transposición de las Directivas comunitarias sobre contratación pública en los Estados miembros” 298/2009 Noticias de la Unión Europea 83-94
  • M. Trybus, “Annotations to Case C-337/05, Commission v. Italy (‘Agusta and Agusta Bell Helicopters’), judgment of 8 April 2008, nyr” (2009) 46 Common Market Law Review 973-990
  • M. Trybus, „Anwaltskammern ersetzen den Staat: die Juristenausbildung in Großbritannien“, in C. Baldus, T. Finkenauer, T. Rüfner (ed.), Juristenausbildung in Europa zwischen Tradition und Reform (Mohr Siebeck: Tübingen, 2008) 167-186
  • M. Trybus (with Teresa Medina), “La transposición de las Directivas comunitarias sobre contratación pública en los Estados miembros”, in J. Rodríguez-Arana Muñoz, I. Sanz Rubiales, and M. Ángel Sendín García, La Contración Administrativa en España e Iberoamérica (Cameron May y La Junta des Castilla y León: London, 2008) 577-599
  • M. Trybus, “Die Vergabe im Verteidigungssektor” in M. Müller-Wrede (ed.), Kompedium des Vergaberechts (Bundesanzeiger Verlag: Bonn, 2008) 235-250

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