Zeitgeist. What does it mean to be German in the 21st century? (2010 - 13)

An open research project. Hosted by the Institute for German Studies with the support of the DAAD.

What does it mean to be German in the 21st century? To inherit a difficult history and be subject to national stereotypes — or much more than that? Zeitgeist investigates ideas and identity in an age of globalisation and multiculturalism.

What does Germany mean to the rest of the world now? What do we make of a nation that merged two states into one, is home to the 2009 Nobel literary prizewinner, and has pursued the European project in all its cultural, political, and financial forms?

Scholars, students, and all those interested are invited to join us at the University of Birmingham for a series of seminar debates with leading international thinkers, for a lively exchange of ideas.

Our Seminars are led by national and international experts from academia, politics, and industry. Topics include:

  • "Green Germany" and the environment
  • the philosophical tradition and the new German philosophy
  • approaches to the economy
  • what’s happening to German as a language?
  • memory and memorials: the engagement with the past
  • Germany's "European vocation"
  • culture and multiculture
  • literature and film

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For a programme of events, and information on travel funds for postgraduates attending, please contact Charlotte Galpin, cag936@bham.ac.uk