Gut and Liver Inflammation

An illustration of the liverThe vision of the Centre for Liver Research is to respond to the increasing global gastrointestinal disease burden by delivering an outstanding pipeline of bench to bedside research in inflammatory gastrointestinal and liver diseases. This is achieved by close partnerships between key opinion leaders and investigators as discovery scientists and clinicians.

Lalor, Trish 2016Basic Science Lead
Dr Patricia Lalor

Senior Lecturer in the Centre of Liver Research

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Phil NewsomeClinical Lead
Professor Philip Newsome

Professor of Experimental Hepatology

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About our research

We utilise cutting edge laboratory and human systems to delineate key mechanisms, discover and validate new biomarkers and identify novel targets in pre-clinical and clinical settings. Interactions with industry are a key strategy at all stages of this process, as well as integration of clinical and scientific expertise. In addition we harness bioinformatics and clinical data, sophisticated endoscopic technology and artificial intelligence approaches to maximize the information we generate from our valuable human materials.

Aims of our research

  • To harness our unrivalled access to human biomaterials and laboratory models to improve the outcome for patients with gastrointestinal disease
  • To explore the shared and unique pathogenic pathways between liver and intestinal inflammatory diseases.
  • To identify novel molecules and pathways that have therapeutic, prognostic or diagnostic potential
  • To develop new improved methodologies for testing therapies and diagnostic approaches
  • To provide an outstanding research environment to educate and train the next generation of biomedical researchers working in gastrointestinal disease