Postponed: BactiVac 3rd Annual Network Meeting

Further to the postponement of our 3rd Annual Network Meeting in Kenya 24-27 March 2020, we have constantly been reviewing the global situation surrounding COVID-19. As a Network focusing on global health our priority must continue along the lines of taking the required precautions to minimize the spread of the virus. Our commitment to deliver this meeting continues and it is the intention to host this event in Kenya in Spring 2022.

Further details on the exact timing of the event and Programme will be provided in due course. However, as a guide please see the key aspects of the event as previously planned.

Network Meeting

  • Hear from internationally renowned speakers from the world of bacterial vaccinology 
  • Networking sessions throughout the event
  • Poster session from selected submitted abstracts
  • Travel Bursary Scheme for LMIC based members and Early Career Researchers
  • Financial contribution towards the cost of airfare for registered delegates

KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme 

There will be sessions from experts working at KWTRP, delivering insights into their work and the challenges they face. Network members will have the unique opportunity to engage in one of the following visits:

  • Tour of the onsite laboratory facilities at KWTRP
  • Visit a field dispensary to see first-hand the work being undertaken
  • Access Kilifi County Hospital ward facilities (limited to clinical personnel only)

Vaccinology Workshop

  • A half-day Workshop will be delivered by Dr Sanet Aspinall, Arden Consulting (Pty) Ltd, South Africa. Vaccinology is an integrative discipline and the workshop is aimed
    • to provide participants with an overview and understanding of what is required to take a vaccine from start to finish including quality requirements
    • to broaden the understanding of the regulatory process and hurdles 
    • at enhancing the understanding of conducting trials in developing countries with a focus on quality ethical standards
    • to provide skills and expertise to deal with current and emerging challenges related to vaccine programmes

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