The BactiVac Network was established in August 2017, bringing together academic, industrial and other partners involved in vaccine research against human and animal bacterial infections from the UK and LMICs.

The BactiVac Network fosters partnership, disseminates relevant information and provides catalyst project and training support with the aim of accelerating vaccine development for bacterial infections relevant to LMICs. The Network is directed by Professor Cal MacLennan and Professor Adam Cunningham and is hosted at the University of Birmingham. The Network is managed and governed (PDF 669 KB) by the:

  • Network Operations Management Group (PDF 614KB) - responsible for the day to day management and delivery of the BactiVac Network’s strategy, making decisions related to its operational delivery
  • Network Management Oversight Board  (PDF 783KB) - responsible for devising and reviewing BactiVac Network strategy, making decisions related to its implementation
  • Network Advisory Board (PDF 621KB) - composed of senior members of the bacterial vaccinology community and responsible for providing non-binding but informed guidance
Professor Cal MacLennan and Professor Adam Cunningham

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The BactiVac Network is supported by the GCRF Networks in Vaccines Research and Development, which is co-funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC) and the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC).

Please download BactiVac Network flyer to circulate and/or display within your organisation. 

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