BactiVac Online: Training Courses

BactiVac Online Training Courses in 'Communicating to Non-Specialist Audiences' and 'Advocacy and Communications' were delivered in November 2021. Places for our online courses were available for BactiVac Network members only, and were allocated via a competitive process. 

 For our 2021 science communications courses, 18 Network members representing 11 different countries had the opportunity to learn and engage with their peers. This brings our total number of members that have received training via BactiVac Online to 74 members, from 22 different countries. 

Training courses was delivered by Dr Nick Burger, Dr Jim Weale, and Dr Sandy Williams from Scriptoria. The team at Scriptoria has extensive experience of delivering courses to people worldwide. To ensure the safety and accessibility of courses for all participants, courses were delivered online through Zoom. Scriptoria online courses are highly interactive and engaged participants through presentations, group discussions, partnered exercises and polls. All participants also received a comprehensive set of course notes in addition to tools and software tips. 

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BEJIDE Oyeniyi

Oyeniyi Stephen Bejide, Nigeria
Communicating to Non-Specialist Audiences, 2021

"I had the opportunity to participate alongside other exciting attendees and brilliant facilitators. I now reminisce on the engaging and interesting breakout sessions I had with others in my team working on exercises, brainstorming and sharing ideas. My communication skills have no doubt been enhanced."



Lian Thomas, Kenya
Advocacy and Communications, 2021

"The course put advocacy into practical terms, provided space for us to develop our own advocacy tools such as our advocacy SMART objectives, our problem, solution, action statement (the elevator pitch for when you get stuck in an elevator with a donor!) And looked at the practicalities of our strategy from one to one meetings through to social media campaigns. I have lots of work to do now but feel very inspired!"



Laura Oliveira, Brazil
Communicating to Non-Specialist Audiences, 2021

"It was a great opportunity to develop skills necessary to communicate effectively with non-specialist audiences to promote my research and communication goals."



Sherif Abouelhadid, UK
Advocacy and Communications, 2021

"My overall experience was great. The course exceeded my expectations [...], I have learnt a lot and now I am ready to put the theory in practice. It is also great opportunity to network with the instructor(s) and the attendees."



Ria Golecha, US/India
Communicating to Non-Specialist Audiences, 2021

"This training opportunity at BactiVac was very resourceful. It helped me meet people pursuing variety of opportunities across the globe. The learnings from the teaching team will stay with me forever as I try to craft targeted communications campaigns."


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