Pump-Priming Project Awards - Round 2 Awardees

Listed below are the successful projects awarded in our second round of pump priming. 

Dr Annette ErhartAnnette Erhart,
Clinical Epidemiologist
MRC Unit The Gambia at LSHTM (The Gambia)

Molecular epidemiology of Group A Streptococcus in West Africa (acronym: MEGAS)

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Dr Rowena HoareRowena Hoare,
Senior Research Fellow
Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling (UK)

Optimisation of novel mucosal vaccines to prevent bacterial diseases of Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)

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Professor Calman MacLennan,
MRC Senior Clinical Fellow, Jenner Investigator and Group Leader,
Jenner Institute, University of Oxford (UK)Cal MacLennan

Advancing a native outer membrane vesicle vaccine against gonorrhoea towards clinical development

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Dr Sudaxshina Murdan, Associate Professor
Sudaxshina MurdanSchool of Pharmacy, University College London (UK)

Evaluation of the sublingual route of immunisation for the induction of mucosal and systemic immune responses to polysaccharide-protein conjugate vaccines 

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Dr Andrew Preston, 
Reader in Microbial PathogenesisAndrew Preston

University of Bath (UK)

Developing whole cell vaccines with tailored immunogenicity through combinatorial engineering of lipid A

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Dr Nadja Alexandra Vielot,
Nadja VielotPostdoctoral Research Associate
Family Medicine, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA)

Prevalence and serotype distribution of group B Streptococcus in León, Nicaragua

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Professor Brendan Wren,Brendan Wren
Professor of Microbial Pathogenesis
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (UK)

Towards the production of Shigella plus” a low-cost recombinant Shigella glycoconjugate vaccines

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 Dr Qibo Zhang
Senior Lecturer in ImmunologyQibo ZhangInstitute of Infection and Global Health, University of Liverpool (UK)

Development of a novel intranasal vaccine against pneumococcal infection in children

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