Vaccines as Tools to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance 2023

27 & 28 February 2023
Edgbaston Park Hotel and Conference Centre, Birmingham (United Kingdom)


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BactiVac Network has been selected to organise the first Microbiology Society Focused Meeting of 2023, Vaccines as tools to combat antimicrobial resistance

This meeting will discuss the ways in which vaccines can slow the emergence of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) by preventing infections and reducing the need for antibiotics. Currently, there are many human-specific and veterinary/zoonotic bacterial infections that do not have a vaccine, or extant vaccines are sub-optimal. However, as vaccine development is influenced by antigen content, delivery platform and host-immune status, it requires combined expertise across microbiology, chemistry and host immunology.

Key topics will include:

• AMR – the problem in the context of human and veterinary health
• The strengths and gaps in using vaccination to limit AMR
• Host responses to different bacterial antigens and vaccines – key lessons learned
• Enhancing the use of existing and novel platforms, technologies and adjuvants 
• The targeting of bacterial pathogens to reduce AMR – addressing unmet needs

Please view the full programme for the meeting. 

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Abstract submissions for the Focused Meeting are now closed. They will be reviewed by the organising committee, and submitters will be notified of the outcome by email during week commencing 5 December 2022.

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BactiVac LMIC Travel Bursaries

The BactiVac Network is offering up to 20 travel bursaries, of up to £1,500 GBP each, to support travel and accommodation costs to attend this Focused Meeting on 27 & 28 February 2023. Travel bursary will cover early bird registration fee, travel, accommodation, subsistence and visa costs. Applicants must be currently based in an organisation within an LMIC country. The Network will typically only support one travel bursary from each institution and preference will be given to applicants not previously awarded a BactiVac travel bursary.      

Testimonials from those awarded travel bursaries in 2019 demonstrate the benefit offered to our LMIC members.

Full details relating to the payment of travel bursaries are available in BactiVac Reimbursement Guidance.

Applications will be reviewed by the BactiVac Operations Management Group after the submission deadline.  Applicants should complete the Travel Bursary Application Form. Applications for travel bursary are now closed. Successful applicants will be notified by 30 November 2022.   

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Key dates

  • Applications closed: 12 midnight (UK time) on 4 November 2022
  • Notification to applicants: by 30 November 2022
  • Deadline to register for the meeting: 11 December 2022

All successful applicants must register to attend the ‘Vaccines as Tools to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance 2023’ Focused Meeting by the above given deadline

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