Dissecting the balance of effectors and regulatory immune cell subsets in human liver microenvironment and delivering clinical GMP regulatory T cell therapies in liver diseases

Group leader: Dr Ye Htun Oo, Medical Research Council Clinician Scientist and Consultant Hepatologist


Ye’s research group investigates intra-hepatic effector immune cells and regulatory T cells balance and their crosstalk with hepatic parenchymal, biliary epithelial cells and stellate cells in hepatic microenvironment utilising primary human cells from Birmingham Liver transplant programme . 

These basic science exploratory findings are applied to optimise the effective development of the clinical GMP Treg cell therapy for treatment of liver diseases.  His team also leads immunology work stream of UK-Autoimmune Hepatitis Consortium and analyse longitudinal samples from patients with treatment naïve AIH from National Health Services Trusts in UK to stratify cohorts for personalised medicine.

Our research group


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