Acute Care Research

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Acute Care is any unplanned healthcare contact or escalation in hospital healthcare requirements. It includes not only front door medicine and surgery, but peri and post-operative and critical care for both adults and children. 

Each year the NHS provides 110 million unplanned, acute patient contacts, with unplanned admissions to hospital rising. The cost of acute care to the NHS is £17 billion each year. Adults and children from BAME communities and those from poorer socioeconomic areas are 50% more likely to present acutely to healthcare services and their care journey is more chaotic, associated with worse outcomes. Despite critical need, this area of healthcare has seen less innovation than any other. 

Research aims

The aim of the Birmingham Acute Care Research Group is to provide an evidence base for the management of acute illness across the life-course and across specialities. Compromising of a broad range of medical and surgical doctors, anaesthetists, intensivists, allied-health care professionals, discovery scientists, bioinformaticians and trialists across adults and paediatric specialities, our research spans cutting edge translational science, early to late phase clinical trials of medicines and devices and process evaluation.

BACR Mission: To improve the health of patients of all ages, leading translational and clinical research in Acute Care, by working together across disciplines; linking academia, industry and the NHS.