Decentralising Text Workshop

ITSEE will host a workshop at Birmingham next month with the theme ‘The Decentralising of the Biblical Text in Manuscript Formation’, in conjunction with the CATENA project

This seminar will feature six papers by an international group of scholars on 14 March 2022. Papers will be delivered both in-person in Birmingham and online using Zoom.

The aim of the seminar is to explore those manuscripts in which the biblical text has been marginalised or obscured in favour of other textual, paratextual, or codicological features and consider the resulting historical, theological, and textual implications. The seminar is sponsored by the ERC-funded CATENA project


  • Unchaining the Scriptures (Andrew J. Patton, University of Birmingham)
  • Doubled Recycling in Late Ancient Commentary (Jeremiah Coogan, University of Oxford)
  • Repurposing Antiques: The Use and Reuse of Gospel Kephalaia in Commentary Manuscripts (Saskia Dirkse, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich)
  • Marginalized Witnesses to the Greek New Testament Text in the Austrian National Library (Tommy Wasserman, Ansgar Teologiske Høgskole)
  • Valorisation and Fading of the Biblical Lemmas in the Manuscripts of Latin Patristic Commentaries in the 8th-9th Century: The Case of Philip's Commentary on Job (Marie Frey Rébeillé-Borgella, Institut des Sources Chrétiennes)
  • Materialising Unity: Catena Manuscripts as Imperial and Ecclesial Reform (Clark R. Bates, University of Birmingham)

A separate document is available with the abstracts of each of the papers.

We look forward to the presentation of these papers and the ensuing discussions. For questions and information about the seminar, please contact Clark Bates and Andrew Patton.

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